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Hailey the dog with anxiety.

Friday, May 03, 2019

This is one of my published stories about my dog.

Hailey The dog that has Anxiety

I was bread with a breeder. I can remember being left alone and hearing thunder. I was afraid. I was little and all the other dogs were afraid too except our parents. We were being breaded for sale for a high price.

When I left the breeder they shipped me to Missouri where something was put in my ear in case I got lost so I could be brought back to my new owner. I stayed there for a short period of time and then I was shipped to a pet store where a man bought me.

I thought this was going to be my new home but something happened and the man had to give me up. A young couple gave me a new home. I sat in the back seat for the long ride home.

Once I got to my new master's house I ran in the back yard and I managed to dig a hole and get out. They called to me but I didn't come. I wanted to explore, but finally I had enough and thought I better go back to my new home. They managed to find the hole I dug and made sure I didn't get out again. They never left me alone in the yard for fear I might dig another hole and escape again.

When I got to their home there was a cage set up for me to sleep in. I was frightened even though a light was left on for me in the kitchen where my cage was. In the morning I was feed some cookies and carrots and then we went out in the yard. I had so many toys to play with and they played with me. I loved to run in the big yard and started to jump on people but that was something they taught me not to do. My master taught me a lot of tricks like giving her my paw, lie down, sit, come, stay, leave it, but even thought she taught me quiet I never was. I had to bark at everything that came by my house. I was protecting them.

I had the run of the house. There were comforters on the sofas for me. I went from one to another. I loved looking out the window. A cat used to come to the front door when I was looking out and I barked at her but she didn't move. She knew I could not get to her. One day, when I was out in the yard wild turkeys were in the yard and I ran after them. The turkey flew to the tree. I never knew turkeys could fly. Another time, I chased a rabbit and squirrel. But I never got them.

One day I had to go out and my master took me. Then it started to thunder and I got frightened. I tried to hide under a bush but I still heard the wind and the thunder. When they got me out from under the bush they took me in the house. I went into my master's bedroom and lay on the floor. I was frightened.

When I was left in the house alone being a puppy I got into things. I had anxiety and didn't like being left alone so I went after things to punish them for leaving me. I didn't realize what I was doing when I chewed the steel plate over the electric plugs. I could have gotten electrocuted. Other times, I would scratch the rug or get into books and tear them apart. I soon out grew that.

One day the people who took care of me decided to take me to the vet to be spaded. I was 5 months. I wasn't happy about that. When the vet put me on the table I got free and ran too hide in his closet and knocked over bottles. Well, that was the last time I saw that vet. He said I was too much for him.

My masters took me for training classes. I enjoyed it because I got cookies. It was mostly the same stuff my master told me and a few new things. They came home with a whistle but it made no difference I came when I wanted to come and they knew it.

When I went to the vet again because I was having leaking problems on the rug the vet did not know why so he told us to go to the animal hospital. I was not happy about going there either. I heard the vet tell my masters that I had contacted some wild animal disease and the vet wasn't sure if she could save me. Now, I was frightened. I went home with medication.

As weeks passed, a miracle happened and I was saved but it did damage to my kidneys and I had to be on low protein food. I was still growing and need the protein but if I got it when I was young then my kidney problems would worsen. So they had no choice but to give me food for an adult dog. This did not help my hips but did prevent any kidney problems.

Weeks passed and I started to grow up. I had a pool in the yard just for me and I would go into it and jump and splash and I had balls I loved to play with. I had one ball I would put in my mouth and push another around the rug. Sometimes, someone played with me and took the ball out of my mouth. I loved it when someone put cookies inside and I had to roll them out. I used to grab the hose when my master was watering the grass and drag it all over the yard. Sometimes, I would run under it and get wet. I loved my pool too because it really cooled me off splashing all over my body.

I went for walks every day, sometimes twice. Sometimes, I got wet when it rained and I was dried with a towel. I could hardly wait to be dried because I got a cookie afterwards. I also got a cookie when I got brushed so I let them do it.

I got used to being alone when they had to go out because they never stayed too long. When they came back I would get my ball and go greet them and I always got a cookie.
I stopped damaging stuff after a while and realized they were coming back and I was safe in the home.

I had a boyfriend on the other street. When I walked I used to talk to him and he talked to me. I always looked for him when I went walking. Sometimes, he was out and other times not.

When it came time for me to go to the vet I had anxiety and was so frightened. I didn't want to get out of the car and I cried knowing I had to go inside to see the vet. When I got out of the car I rolled on the ground hoping no one would be able to take me inside but to my surprise two staff members came and talked to me then picked me up in their arms and brought me inside. They comforted me, as they held me down and the vet gave me my shorts. They were wonderful to me.

When it was windy in the house I used to go into one of the bedrooms and lie down beside the bed. I felt it was my comfort zone where my masters slept. Many times I would venture there and feel safe.

When they had to go out they would put music on for me and it would relax me. I tried to not be afraid because I knew I would get some cookies when they came back. On shopping days they did not take long but once in a while they would feed me and take me out and be gone for a few hours. I was glad when they got home.

Years started to go by and I got older and on one of my trips to the vet x rays were taken.
I found out I had anywhere from l to 4 years before my hips, which were bad because I didn't get enough protein when I was growing up. would go on me.

I was 9 when my hips started to bother me and I had a ramp to go up on.
I was a fighter. I wasn't going to let my hips keep me from my walks or playing with my ball. I noticed as years passed I only could play with my ball for 5 minutes at a time before I got tired. Then after a short walk and I came in the house I would flop on the rug as my hips were hurting. After a while I got my energy back again and I was fine. I didn't know my hips would finally give out on me and was surprised that my heart was ailing.
That must have been the reason I got tired playing with my ball for 5 minutes.

Then it happened I didn't feel up to par. I managed to get up to have a drink of water and my food and then I would go lie down. Later that night I felt great again and I climbed on the sofa and lay on my back and went to sleep. Then I went to the other sofa and lay down and looked out the door. I was enjoying myself.

The next morning I went for my walk and was fine. I was playing and eating my carrots and cookies I got in the morning. Then a few hours later I didn't feel well. My hips started to give out on me. I got up and tried to walk and started to sway. My master noticed and came to me. I tried to get some water and when I couldn't my master came with ice cubes but my tongue was to the side and I could not drink.

Then it happened my breath was starting to go on me. I had hard time breathing. I tried to go to my cage and then I started to fall so I just lied down. I was drying and there was nothing my masters could do but sit there with me and comfort me but I was afraid. I didn't want to die. I wanted to live. I was only 9 years old. I would have been l0 in December but that was not in my cards.

I had a wonderful life with my masters and I loved them as they loved me but God had other plans for me so now I am in Rainbow Bridge playing with other animals that were sent here waiting for their love ones to cross over the bridge and be with them again. But my ashes are home with my masters and flowers beside them. My master comes in every morning, night and during the day to talk to me. My spirit is there with them even thought my body is in Rainbow Bridge. I wait for them to come and greet me so that one day we can be together again.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Thanks so much for writing this!!! Hailey sounds like a wonderful dog!! She showed her love for you by laying on the floor in the bedroom and taking walks with you and she sure did love playing.

    I'm glad you had the opportunity to love her!
    544 days ago
    Have you had this published? All the best to you.
    544 days ago
    My sister would love this. Hailey sounds just like her dog Bella. Thank you for sharing. Have you submitted this to any dog lovers magazines?
    545 days ago
    Wow, such a great chronicle of a dog's life. We had a golden retriever with anxiety issues from puppyhood. At about 7 years old she was diagnosed with Addisons and medicated from that point on. At 9 she was taken from us by lymphoma. Three years later and I still think of Indy every day. She gave my family everything over her lifetime. I like to think that she's free now, running around and chasing rabbits in the afterlife.
    545 days ago
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