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jokes and hugging

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Week 3 Aspire & Inspire Team Challenge January 21st is National Hugging Day! What a great day! This is an opportunity to give and to receive. Give a hug, and you automatically receive one in return. Do you like to give or receive hugs? I like to give and receive hugs .Is hugging important to you in your life? Yes, hugging is important to me. Why or why not? I haven't always been a hugger. It wasn't until I made a church renewal about 30 years. The member of the church were really hugger. so I became a hugger. Who do you like to hug and when do you like to give or receive a hug the most? I usually hugs church people and my close family or my BIL family.
I give hugs when people seems to need them. I like to receive hugs as a greeting.

A man had six children and was very proud of his achievement.
He was so proud of himself that he started calling his wife, 'Mother of Six', in spite of her objections.
One night they went to a party. He decided that it was time to go home, and wanted to find out if his wife is ready to leave as well.
He shouted at the top of his voice,” Shall we go home, Mother of Six?"
His wife, irritated by her husband's lack of discretion shouted back, "Anytime you're ready, Father of Four

How To Grow Strawberries
Farmer Evans was driving his John Deere tractor along the road with a trailer load of fertilizer. Tim a little boy of eight was playing in his yard when he saw the farmer and asked, 'What've you got in your trailer?'
'Manure,' Farmer Evans replied.
'What are you going to do with it?' asked Tim.
'Put it on my strawberries,' answered the farmer.
Tim replied, 'You ought to come and eat with us, we put ice-cream on our strawberries

Arresting Time
A police officer in a small town stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street.
'But officer, 'the man began, 'I can explain.'
'Quiet!' snapped the officer.' I'm going to let you spend the night in jail until the chief gets back.'
'But, officer, I just wanted to say, '
'And I said be quiet! you're going to jail!'
A few hours later the officer looked in on his prisoner and said, 'Lucky for you, the chief's at his daughter's wedding. he'll be in a good mood when he gets back.'
'Don't count on it, 'answered the guy in the cell.' I'm the groom.'

Lecture Tour With A Difference
After an evening out, Roger was in no shape to drive, so he sensibly left his car parked and walked home. As he was staggering along, he was stopped by a policeman. 'What are you doing out here at three o'clock in the morning?' asked the police officer.
'I'm on my way to a lecture,' answered Roger.
'And who on earth, in their right mind, is going to give a lecture at this time of night?' enquired the constable sarcastically.
'My wife,' slurred Roger grimly.
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