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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

When did eating get so complicated? u.nu/iv-p
Essential Nutrients and Why Our Body Needs Them u.nu/drw5
Cheers for SparkPeople - our safe place to share support and health information.
Spark Daily Visualization "Imagine going and reflecting on tbed he day, feeling totally satisfied with the choices you made. Isn't that a better feeling than regretting that you didn't do your best? What small steps can you make today to end the day with satisfaction?"
emoticonTenacity word for 2019
emoticonReading books I learned about on Sparks
Accurately measure and track intake u.nu/eolf
Review daily plans and make adjustments
Elimination lists for inflammation and digestion problems u.nu/wzqv u.nu/zr0e u.nu/rz7s u.nu/0f8a
emoticon What and When to Eat emoticon
~ Obesity/Diabetes Code, Dr. Jason Fung u.nu/hq45 u.nu/nq5a
~ Eat Rich, Live long; Ivor Cummins and Dr. Jeffry Gerber u.nu/9hd7
~ Ketotarian, Dr. Cole u.nu/dk56 u.nu/6dcs u.nu/-28l u.nu/qc-e u.nu/mak5
~ The Longevity Diet, Valter Longo u.nu/9ak1 u.nu/1ic2
~ Plant Paradox, Dr. Steven Gundry u.nu/fs-h u.nu/5csk
~ Eat to Live, Dr. Joel Fuhrman u.nu/qb7m u.nu/47ba
~ Elimination Diet, Maggie Moon u.nu/s3er
~ Keto Diet, Leanne Vogel u.nu/xnj5 u.nu/ywxp u.nu/k45r
emoticon emoticonPlan emoticon emoticon
emoticon Supportive books, youtube, Spark articles and teams emoticon
~ The Spark, Chris Downie u.nu/o5vt u.nu/tdg- u.nu/5q2d u.nu/e8-7
~ 100 Days of Weight Loss, Linda Spangle www.weightlossjoy.com
~ Beck Diet Solutions diet.beckinstitute.org/
~ Bright Line Eating, Susan Peirce Thompson brightlineeating.com
~ Super Brain Squats, Dr David Jockers u.nu/tj1v
emoticonThanks for visiting emoticon
Adding misc. links u.nu/p-y8 u.nu/1emh u.nu/7a1y
* Exercise rules that change after 50 u.nu/qum2
* Cardio or weights first? (depends on goals) u.nu/undh u.nu/skco
* Stretching routine after cardio for better flexibility u.nu/o9zj
* Progressive routines: High-reps-vs-Low-reps bit.ly/2hCB0AQ
* Post-workout nutrition to build lean muscles bit.ly/2KmWbUP
* Active recovery u.nu/yosi Prevent training injuries u.nu/7f13
* Sound of Music - Climb Ev'ry Mountain u.nu/g1fh
* Rebounding improves immunity draxe.com/trampoline-wor
Accountability Buddy u.nu/zn6s Power of Positive People u.nu/j-a5 u.nu/rw56
IF u.nu/g8f3 u.nu/q9lg u.nu/6gcn u.nu/2qti u.nu/a3tr u.nu/5e27 u.nu/lh8q
Maintain u.nu/836e u.nu/i16y
Landside Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac
Keto on YT u.nu/3xym u.nu/1heo
relieve back pain u.nu/yoge
Defend Against Motivation Roadblocks u.nu/6pwy u.nu/zn2t
How and Why Your Tastebuds Change Over Time u.nu/ita6
Best Exercises for Muscles Most People Neglect u.nu/sgco u.nu/3qzs
The Missing Link: Valuable Failures u.nu/zcoe
10 priciples of intuitive eating u.nu/4lyd u.nu/-sgj u.nu/qnd4 u.nu/qnd4
u.nu/tr7o u.nu/3nwt u.nu/6rp4 u.nu/x032
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