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A Long ASS Time ago.....

Friday, December 14, 2018

A long ass time ago, I started here. Bought the book, thinking that would change my life. My hubby told me my will power is strong. just recently. I was complaining to him as I normally do. I just gave in one day and said no more soda no more bacon no more fast food no more processed foods. I eat clean. I crave no sweets. I never thought I'd see that day either. I weigh in at 214.6. I was about 250. I told my wellness nurse at the center, you have to change me. You have to help me. Diabetes is looming and I don't want an early grave. I don't want more aches and pains no more bowel trouble no more digestive troubles. I don't want to complain I am cold any longer! I don't want to keep getting bigger. I want to get smaller. I want to live fit. At the time she was helping me, I didn't want to hear it. I was stuck in my old ways. I was stubborn. I finally decided okay I will try vitamin water. It actually tastes great! Hubby's daughter loves it! I am a tight size 18. I decided to see the pair I was crying over hiding in that corner. To my surprise, I could button them. They are tight. They went on all the way. They didn't slide mid up my thighs and get me discouraged once again. I was looking at my pants one day hubby grabbed them and pulled them and said "loose pants" I get it, he's an ass man. He likes them jeans tight. I joined this site to get back into those pants long ago. Now comes the hard part, a lot of growth. You can read a book, you can track calories and exercise. And still eat garbage. But if you're not ready to change, really change. Reading that book, logging on that site every day, logging those calories burned, it's not gonna matter. YOU have to matter to YOU. This is where Willpower comes in. There have been days I wanted to go back to that cereal bowl. That was the old me. I choose healthy sugars. They are okay in moderation and you're not gonna like me saying this, they are even okay every day in moderation the fruits are. They are not processed so they are not going to trap you. Live for yourself, make that change. Don't diet, crash dieting never works. I know. Tomorrow, I am going shopping for new pants! Carpe Diem! Sieze the day, because tomorrow is never promised!
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