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And then this happened.........

Friday, July 06, 2018

The contest at the rec center has been fun. Lots of fun. Until today. Now I'm thinking about quitting.

After doing my regular workout routine plus a couple of the contest challenges, I was on my way out of the gym when the Athletic Director saw that the June contest winner was on her way into the center. Since I was the May winner he stopped me and said he wanted a picture of the two of us together for their Facebook page. I told him no, that I had just finished a long workout and was all sweaty and a mess. He proceeded to tell me that that was good that it shows the winners are working hard and that's what he wanted to post. I again told him no and try to go to the desk for my stamps on my paper for this months contest and then go home.

He blocks my way. He not only blocks my way as I attempt to go around him, but several times he chest bumps me and pushes me.

Now I'm upset. He keeps insisting on getting our photo and won't allow me to pass. There's no way at this point I'm allowing a photo. Yes, I can be stubborn when the need arises.

I finally get around him and go to the front desk, hand my paper to the lady at the desk for my stamp and he snatches it out of her hands and says "No! She's not getting a stamp!" I'm shocked, the lady behind the desk gasps, and I snatch my paper back and say. "Okay, I'll be back tomorrow" and start to leave. He yells at me " I'll be here tomorrow too Babe!".

I'm shocked and I feel demeaned.

I call my daughter and talk to her, I need some feedback from her to see if I did something wrong. On a side note, why do women always think it's something we did? Why can't we place the blame where it's due, to the jerks who were wrong? I call my husband and tell him what happened. They both encourage me to call Human Resources and report the incident. Which I do. I hate to, but I think it's something they need to be aware of.

I'm still shook up over this and am worried about going back to the rec center. I don't know how this is going to affect my relationships with other people there, both trainers and other patrons. I really, really, like going there! I've been going for several years and it's (or was) a good fit for me.

I'm also thinking about quitting the contest. Up to this point it's been fun and challenging and so good to get out of my comfort zone. But now.............I don't know if I want to continue.
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    That guy is a freak!!! That was so completely inappropriate and he should be fired!! I am so sorry that happened to you. You did nothing wrong!!

    I know it will be hard, but I don't think you should leave or quit. This cannot be the first time that guy has acted like that, so the other people may already know about it. You didn't do anything wrong, so by not going back, or by quitting, the bully wins & you lose. Go back in there with your head held high & do what you do best.

    emoticon emoticon

    589 days ago
    WHAT?!?!? You NEEDED to report this person to HR. If they feel comfortable doing that with a patron, imagine what is happening to coworkers!!! You can always call HR back and tell them you're not sure if you feel comfortable coming back - I'm SURE they'll be able to tell you something about the action they've taken to make sure you feel SAFE going back to the facility.
    591 days ago
  • EISSA7
    This guy was totally out of place and the minute he put his hands on you, he crossed the line. Absolutely appalling behavior from any adult and my guess is that this is how he bullies people into doing what he wants! I would report exactly what happened to anyone in charge at the Rec Center and if he approaches you again, call the police! Chances are, you are NOT the only person that this has happened to!
    591 days ago
    He assaulted you when he made physical contact. Chest bumps are not ok. You could call the police and file a complaint. If he does or anyone does something like that again I hope you will call the police. I'm glad that you took the advice and reported him to HR. I hope they do something like fire his ass but you never know how they will handle it. I am so sorry this happened as I know it will be hard to face him again so I hope he will be gone. Still I think you owe it to yourself to go back at least for a while.
    emoticon emoticon

    592 days ago
    How terrible his behavior is! You did absolutely nothing wrong.He has probably done this many times.If you can find it within yourself to be brave enough to report him, then do so. It may be rough for a bit but you'll be proud you did.
    592 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    WOW! This is terrible. I am glad this was reported to HR.
    I know, I can hear, that you are very shaken up. But you have done nothing wrong, Cindy. All you did was express a personal preference, which was totally within your rights, that you didn't want a picture taken.
    His bullying you and accosting you is totally unacceptable.

    That said, it will be a huge mistake if you don't return. How can it possibly affect your relationships with other people there? How will YOU look in the wrong? The guy is a jerk and if he dare come near you again, I think you should threaten that you will call the police.
    592 days ago
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