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20 Pounds Down The Keto Way

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Through the ups and downs of life eating the Keto way is still working for me.
I started eating the Keto way on the 27th of January and today i'm down 20 lbs.

With all I have been through the last couple of months my honey's passing, moving to be closer to kids and grand kids. and legal issues I've still been able to stay on track.
My normal would be to gorge myself with chips and dip and anything else I could get my hands on (usually when no one else could see me) then shame myself into depression.

Thank God ,Keto Has not only helped me lose weight but has helped me get my blood sugar under control and it has helped me break the destructive cycle that, for me, comes with emotional eating.
To me Keto is the tool God placed in my hand so I can live the abundant long strong life he has in store for me.
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