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Down Nine Pounds!

Monday, February 19, 2018

I feel great! I am learning more about putting foods together into meals that are in keeping with the Keto balance calculated for me. I'm finding that It's not too hard for me so far. I'm really keeping things simple.

Breakfast consists of eggs and bacon instead of my usual eggs and toast. For lunch, I usually have a large salad with a little meat and cheese. Now I have a small salad with 4-6 oz of meat 1 oz of cheese.

Dinner is interesting to say least; I make sure my hubby has what he wants first. Next, I build my meal according to the needs I have to balance out my protein, carbs, fats, and calories for my daily intake. That can be a little tricky for me to get enough protein & fats and not too many calories, but I stay close. I am diligent in keeping inside my carbohydrate allowance.

Since I had cut back on potatoes, rice, and pasta a few years ago, I know it's not the end of the world if I don't eat them. Besides letting go of starchy carbs altogether, is the key for me to have healthy blood sugar levels and be medication free. Whoopee! Oh yeah, I am down 9 lbs!

Years ago I used a book called Gentle Eating by Stephen Arterburn, Mary Ehemann, and Vivian Lamphear PH.D. To help me begin my journey back to a healthier me. I learned how to make one complete change at a time towards my long-term goal of living a long, active, healthy life as an example for my grandchildren.

Today, I look at eating the Keto way, as another step to the healthy me I was created to be.
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