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Week One Recap - 2018

Monday, January 08, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I haven't weighed in yet this week, and that's really not quite as important to me today as the other stuff - the what I did and didn't do and how I plan to move ahead. Especially today...since it is my birthday! My coworker and friend bought me this little beret as a present! So cute! We have a whole Europe theme going on this year since I'm set to go for 10 days with my youngest son in June/July this year. I'm super pumped, but I also have a lot of goals between now and then to prep me for the trip and make it the best possible!

Last week's workouts:
Goal vs. Accomplished

Monday -- One Mile Run - One Mile Run + 10 pushups, situps, stretching
Tuesday -- One Mile Run - One Mile Run + 10 pushups, crunches, stretching
Wednesday -- Strength Training - No Workout
Thursday -- Rest Day - Rest Day
Friday -- One Mile Run - No Workout
Saturday -- One and a Half Mile Run - One and a Half Mile Run + Full ST and stretching
Sunday -- Rest Day - Rest Day

So while I skipped 2 workouts this week - one because I was SUPER sore and my body was telling me not to and one because I literally had ZERO time to squeeze it in that day - I still held up my end of the deal and hit the gym. I would like to work my way up to 45 minute workouts 4-6 times a week. My one mile workout days are shorter workouts - about 25-30 minutes - and I only did 3 days this week, so I need to improve upon that.

Workout Schedule for this Week:
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - One Mile Run
Wednesday - One and a Half Mile Run
Thursday - Strength Training
Friday - One Mile Run
Saturday - Two Mile Run
Sunday - Rest Day

I usually have rest days scheduled for Thursday and Sunday, but I think I'm going to push my first part of the week back a day so that I can have my birthday off. My run goal for January is to work my way to 3 mile long runs. (February is 4, March is 5, and so on...) The goal is to be at a comfortable 13 miles and working on time by the end of the year so I can run Disney in February 2019. That's the idea anyhow. I need to manage my pain levels, my body, any issues that are caused by the skin and my weakened joints. I want to give myself as much time as possible to do this...but I'm not always known for my patience so I need to have regular goals I can hit or at least work toward. I've tried other running plans, but they haven't worked for me and I think part of that is because they don't fit me or my lifestyle. This general guideline will allow me the freedom I need to work in the other things I need for body and soul - yoga, strength training, heavy lifting, stretching, etc., - as needed.

As far as food is concerned, I haven't been the best this week. I logged some. Not really. And that's something I want to work on in the next few months. My goal, of course, is to lose the last 30 pounds that are driving me bonkers, but, more than that, is to maybe get smaller so I can shop for the clothes I want to wear in Europe. I did do a little shopping this weekend for that trip (I didn't go for that, but I can't help myself!) but I don't want to buy anything that (1) wouldn't work if it's a bit oversized, (2) is too heavy for Europe in the summer, (3) I'm going to be tired of or will be out of season come June. So I'm working on slowly acquiring some classic basic pieces I can use, and then as the time gets closer go shopping for the things I can't really buy ahead if I hope on going down another size or two - jeans, for example. (Though I did do some jean shopping - more on that in a bit ...it's really disheartening right now.)

This shirt was one of the first things I picked up. I'm packing for 10 days in 3 countries and I need something that is interesting, light, easy and can maybe be worn multiple ways so I can reuse it. This button down meets all those needs, plus, it won't look awful if it's a bit loose. I can see so many options for this - as a cover over a tank, by itself, tucked in, changing the sleeves, etc. It's in the Europe part of the closet now!

Okay, so yes, this is a sweater, but it's not a heavy one. Also it SCREAMS Europe to me! I can pair this with some basic black pants and if I lose a little more it will only look that much better on me. I can see throwing this on if it gets a bit chilly or wearing it as an accessory around my waist or shoulders. Plus, boyfriend is in love with this sweater! *lol* It is quite flattering.

This shirt I did NOT get....though I really wanted to! If I was leaving in a month, I totally would have, but I have a feeling that if I went down another size, this shirt wouldn't look quite as good as it does now. It's super light and comfy though, so we're going to keep an eye out to see if it goes on sale or clearance later and I may still go back and snatch it up.

Now for the jeans fiasco. *sigh* Jeans are awful right now. I mean I hate most of the styles and they just don't suit my needs. If I had a flat(ter) tummy I probably would grab some acid wash or distressed denim for my closet, but at my size and where I carry my weight (my thighs and tummy) it just does NOT look cute. Also, jeans companies are doing this weird thing (and have been for a while) that includes this color striping across the tummy part. I guess it's supposed to highlight how flat tummies are or something because it has the opposite effect on me. It's like a neon sign that says, "LOOK AT MY PROBLEM AREA!!" and to say I hate it would be an understatement. So far with my current body type I look for these things:

(1) solid colors or an all over pattern - nothing to highlight the things I want hidden
(2) high rise - because I need to stuff all the skin somewhere, y'all!
(3) skinny leg - because I wore bootcut and flare my entire life to help with my large legs and I can finally wear the cute ankle cuffed bootie trend and it's literally one of my most favorite things - either that or thigh high boots, which also require a fitted leg

So far I've gotten a pair of black jeans at Hollister and another I ordered online from Forever 21. I float between a 10 and a 14 (seriously, this size variation only seems to get worse the smaller I get!) so I can shop in most stores, but nearly every single pair of pants does not meet my three needs...and it made me so upset this weekend I found myself crying in the dressing room.

I did find one pair at Torrid that was CLOSE, but not quite...and at full price for Torrid prices, it would have had to have been PERFECT for me to go for it. I found a pair of stretch jeggings at Marshall's that are a size 10, but they bleed SO bad I need to go home and wash them about 14 times to get them to stop that crap. Finally, at the last stop of the weekend (I spent two nearly full days in various stores looking for blue jeans, y'all!) I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans on sale at Marshall's (the second one we went to that day) that are VERY close to what I want. The color is a little too blue for my taste and the ankles could be a TINY bit tighter, but they were on clearance for $22 so I snatched them up. Still, this jeans thing is ANNOYING.

This part terrifies me for Europe. I'm going to need capris because my thighs/knees are ONLY getting worse with the running and all the loose skin. And unless I can make my tummy more acceptable to me, I'm not buying this crap they're putting out right now. (Note: Other people can wear this style jeans just fine. I'm just very particular about what I like to present on myself and when I wear jeans that *I* feel highlight the parts of my body I don't like, I do NOT feel confident and I actually have a worse day because of it.)

So the best thing to do right now? Get thee back to the gym and back on the diet! And hope that helps ME meet the jeans companies where they're coming from. We shall see!

Other Goals for This Week:
Log Food
Stay At/Under 1500 Calories Per Day
Get in at Least 60g of Protein a Day
Drink More Water

Maybe I'll update with a weigh-in next week. Right now I'm not as worried about that. I can already feel my leg muscles getting stronger and that's way more important for my running goals right now. Plus, at some point tonight I'm probably going to have dessert...it's my birthday! *lol*
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    Love your new tops! You are rocking your goals and dreams this year!
    1055 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    You are looking so good! Sorry about the jeans, I struggle with that also. Maybe skirts?
    1055 days ago
    Lots of goals you have, good for! Love the beret, it's so hipster....hope you and your son enjoy the trip in June/July!
    1055 days ago
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