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Happy NEW 2018 everyone!

Monday, January 08, 2018

2017 review. I have been working on my diet plan since 2014. Read & researched to combine one that works, reducing 80+ so far. Last 15-20 takes more patience & practice to reach goal.
Recalling my eating habits when I was young has helped. The foods that I'm avoiding are the ones that I instinctively did not like as a child. Growing-up in rural Iowa we had plenty of meat. Remember eating a little bit of everything and drinking my milk so I could go out & play. Beans I avoided entirely by eating a tiny bite of meat. I tried vegan Spring 2017 and was so sick from inflammation. Symptoms were constipation, heart racing & nerve tingling. It's never one thing (food or fluids) but I have omitted grains, dairy, legumes, nightshades, etc. Feeling better, reduced inflamation!

Basically, I eat essential nutrients everyday: protein amino acids, fatty acids. vitamins and minerals in non-starchy Vegetables. Fruits limited: avacado, coconut, olive, frozen berries & 1/2 frozen green banana for resistant starch prebiotic to take with probiotic Digestive Advantage.

Last few months 2017 I went from AIP-Paleo to LCHF-Keto and improved health. Too much animal protein was hard on my digestive system & kidneys (waking-up to pee).

2018 working-on modified Keto. Limit: fatty fish or quality eggs high in omega 3. Depending on my activity level -10-20 ounces of animal protein / day. Somedays I will go without animal protein based on appetite & daily weight. emoticon2018 emoticon
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The power of emoticon community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital. ~ Mark Hyman emoticon Let our New Year's resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.~ Goran Persson emoticon
N - Nutrition is vital. Tea instead of coffee week (1. 1/7days) (2.2/7) (3.4/7) (4.5/7)
E - Eval. - All obtainable lifetime goals. Protect my plan during events & parties!
W - Wellness: Meditate mornings, deep breath & attentive to mood and behaviors.
Y - You are amazing. Remind myself during walks, gym, cooking, shopping etc.
E- Eval. eating habits.*** Eat nutritious foods (avoid others)
A - Analyze past eating habits. *** Eating healthier as I age!
R – Recognize that I am working hard to reach nutrition goals every year! goodie teapot
N - Never give up! Developed fitness plan. Daily cardio & strength training 2-3x/week
E - Evaluate ***working! Adjust for winter: chase Buddy inside - Artric freeze!
W - WI Daily & set goals on www.startyourdiet.com/
Y - You are in charge! Only I can make changes! Visualize 2018 Goals: Done
O - Organize! work-out area. It is a new year, be ready! Attitude Adjustment Ongoing
U – Utilize - share goals!
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