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5 important Things #5 DON'T QUIT!!

Monday, December 04, 2017

This almost goes without saying...what we know is we are always ahead of anyone who quits! Most of us (I think) have started a weight loss program and quit. Maybe the loss was achieved and we thought we had it all under control. What happens? 90%, they say, will regain, and most will gain more than they had to start. So what then...give up? NO!!!

I love the saying that if we are moving even a little, we are lapping the couch potatoes! I know that's not exactly how it's said, but it's so true! think about the extraneous movements you have done today. If you're working today, you probably walked to your car, drove to work, walked into the building, walked to your worksite, walked to break time or lunch time, etc. etc. Lots of walking. Maybe not far at any given time, so tomorrow walk a different way and extend it a little more. Then add a little more time or park farther away. Do what you can to make it more.

Take one food or drink thing that you can change to make healthier. Just one. Do just one thing at a time to change your life and little by little so many changes occur! Just DON'T QUIT! Never let one bad day/meal/snack totally derail you. Get back up immediately and start again. Try something new. It will expand your knowledge base and give you confidence. Some people like to try a new food. I never like yogurt until I was 30. I had never eaten asparagus until I was 50 something, or brussel sprouts until I was older. (Okay I tried once and hated them, but love them now! It's all in how you cook them!).

Look at your obstacles and get creative in ways to bypass them or conquer them. On the other side of that obstacle is something wonderful. What if your "success" is right around the corner? DON'T QUIT! I can't tell you how many times in all my years I have been tempted to quit and literally in the next few days what I had hoped to accomplish happened.

Your victory waits on the other side of that challenge. Are you patient? Can you try just one more time? one more day? I think you can!!
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