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Blood Sugar Diet - update

Thursday, September 07, 2017

I have now been on this diet for 14 months and can report that, although it is going well, it is a slow process. This is not the fault of the diet, more like life getting in the way of good intentions. I only go as low as 800 calories in 4 week spurts to keep me on track and I have had many hurdles on the way. A family visit when I told them I dont eat simple carbs and I hate fish so they made me fish and chips. What was not to understand. Hotels where you say no chips and they bring them on a separate plate "just in case you change your mind - no one can resist chips" - no they cant which is why I asked you not to serve them. Then I went to Spain for one week with daughter and grandchildren where the restaurants were a nightmare trying to explain in my bad Spanish, so I just had to have what was served and try to leave it. Finally, we went on a cruise through the Norwegian fjords with 5* service and food. I tried not to eat the carbs but found I was only getting half a meal so logged it with the maitre d' that I required more veg or salad with my meal. It worked and I manage to keep my resolve of no or few carbs.

The resolve I didn't have was to say no to wine, mojitos and other cocktails - well we were on holiday on a luxury cruise. However, my blood glucose were raised from 5.4 to 5.9 so not too much damage.

So my results to date are (and to give you the past figures as well). I started this diet with a blood glucose of 180 / 190 and an official HbA1c of 8.2. Today my BG runs at around 80 / 90 and my HbA1c yesterday was 5.6. I have lost 25lbs and this has remained pretty stable over the last 6 months. My cholesterol is down from 6.8 to 3.6 and my triglycerides (liver function) are well within normal whereas they were previously those of a heavy drinker even though I wasn't. On top of that my blood pressure is down from 140/90 to around 120/70.

To top it off, when I started on this plan I was injecting 38 or 40 units of insulin daily, I am now down to 19 units and cut my other meds by 30%.

This is not a diet but a way of life. Carbs have no draw for me as I know what they can do to me and I prefer to have a healthy life. I do want to lose more weight and have set myself a new goal doing the 800 calories for 8 weeks before I go visit my family in October when I want to have lost another 7 pounds.

Hope you enjoy reading my progress and I can inspire others to start a no simple carbs way of life.
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