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Back after a Lot of Stuff happened

Saturday, August 05, 2017

I moved back to NY State two years ago with the bf and we're homesteading off the grid in the Adirondack Mountains, living in a cabin built in 1880 (yep, pretty primitive), while building a passive solar house.

Although we're not in the new house yet, I think I've got enough emotional and mental energy to be weighing and logging foods (and myself) again. Long, long story involving an involuntary relocation by my employer followed by a massive career and lifestyle change on my part in self-preservation. I liked the friends I made while away from NY (and I miss them), but I just couldn't handle the general atmosphere. These kinds of life changes tend to turn everything inside-out, including maintenance habits.

I've got a long way to go to return from the backslide, but I'm racing my 2009 self, and I think I can beat her because I've got more experience:


(I do think it's kind of unfair of the medical establishment to tell us we get shorter when it's due to a knee replacement that won't straighten so we can't stand up as high as before - how the heck do they measure BMI for someone in a wheelchair???)

And BTW I really believe that stuff I put in the maintenance anniversary reminder email about being a "maintainer" as long as you keep at least 10% of the original weight off. Sometimes you just have to do whatever damage control you have to do, and recover when you can. You can't recover if you quit.

Update: Went back to the doctor for another appointment, and they updated my height back to 5'7. The person I spoke to said she had no idea where they got a height of 5'5 for me - she assumed they had asked!
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