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If everything is trying to stop you, bob and weave around it all!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

At the start of 2017, I decided this is the year for my health, turning 50 and all, was a reminder that I needed to get some focus on being fit and active, with proper nutrition.

I started out with bad news at the doctors, I decided to rise about it, and take back control of my health. I started living with intent on decreasing the unnecessary weight, gain muscle, and fuel my body with the right whole foods, so my body didn't have to feel starved of nutrients.

Next doctor’s appointment, more bad news. Told myself, keep going strong, give my body what it needs to heal itself. The scale continued to have a decrease in my body weight, I was feeling stronger, and my mind was clearing.

Next doctor’s appointment, more bad news. Okay, was I too late to make a difference? I am doing everything they are telling me to do, why am I having to go to 3 appointments a week for all kinds of new tests? Telling myself, it will work itself out, I will get better....

Next doctor’s appointment, I feel like I am passing all the tests, doing the physical therapy, eating right, moving, more flexible, stronger. Nope, I need more tests, more appointments.

I keep thinking, when is this all going to stop unfolding so fast. I am trying to keep up, I started a new job and I have appointments before and after work, and some appoints are so long that it takes up half my day. I hope they do not question their choice in hiring me.

But I keep going forward, I keep trying to stay ahead of that little voice in my head saying "why try, it is snowballing out of your favor, take it easy and just surrender to the inevitable". Then I hear the stronger voice saying "You are going through this because of all the unhealthy choices in your life, now is not the time to do the same old things, this is when you will transform into a stronger, more focused person who is doing all she can for herself, never give up on yourself"!

So, I keep eating good food, moving my body every day, go to work with a positive attitude, and go through the motions of what my doctors tell me I need to do.

I cannot give in or give up on myself, it is not an option.

We have our body, good or bad, in sickness or health, till death do us part.
So, stay true to you!

When obstacles come up, just bob and weave your way to victory!
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