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The Spark “Solution” Gave Us a Happy Father’s Day

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spark became my “solution” long before I ever read Spark Guy’s book. I didn’t know he even wrote a book. Years after I came out of my self-imposed spark hermitage and realized the value of logging in every day, even after reaching my goal weight, I ordered some items from the Spark store like the T-Shirt that’s my profile picture. “The Spark” came along with the order. More about that later.

This is a different perspective.
Spark became my solution because:

It gave me the tools (trackers) I needed to stop gaining and lose the pounds I had piled on over the decades - a trend that showed no signs of stopping or even slowing down.

It gave me the information I needed to shake me free of the excuses and denial that kept me comfortably getting fatter.

It introduced me to others who were on the same journey, including many who were dealing with or had overcome challenges much more serious than mine.

It provided me with articles and strategies to continue my journey and deal with my slipups.

It provided teams where I could connect with others not only on the same journey, but with common interests as well.

It showed me the collective wisdom of community. I encountered perspectives and solutions from ordinary people which meant a lot more to me than from any celebrity on a magazine cover or some website where the main goal was to sell me something.

When I decided to buy a treadmill and was confused by all the different reviews online, there was a Spark article describing what they had bought for their office gym. I trusted their solution. So I bought one and it’s been perfect.

Now, as for that book.
I didn’t read it at first. I just put it on the dresser. Maybe later.

Guess who picked it up? My husband, the “junk food king of the world”

He loves the printed word and soon was sharing with me all kinds of spark principles.
How about that? He didn’t pay any attention when I, his loving spouse of nearly 50 years, told him the same thing. Was it because it was in a book? Was it because the advice came from a guy?

Who knows but soon he could “outspark” me.
He read labels; he planted a garden; he read recipes; he started cooking; he even cleans up afterwards; he swims; he walks; he kayaks; he does yoga.

Last summer he had an accident that resulted in emergency brain surgery for 2 massive subdural hematomas that were asymptomatic and undiagnosed for 3 weeks. It was serious stuff and the warnings about the possible outcome were downright scary. One week in intensive care.

The doctors’ said that if he hadn’t been in “such good shape” he wouldn’t have survived.
After 3 months of outpatient physical therapy, he was absolutely fine.
The physical therapists said if he hadn’t been in “such good shape” he wouldn’t have fully recovered.

I may be an “official” sparker, but my “stealth sparker” is here too in the shadows.

You just never know how or when the Spark will take hold and burst into flame.

Happy Father’s Day, Joe!
We’re glad you’re still with us.

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