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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do you know what these are?
An ice cream dish and juice glass from 1960
Each was designed to hold a “portion” (1/2 cup of ice cream and 4 oz of orange juice)

Somehow over time MY portions filled these

I ate my ice cream in a cereal bowl and drank my orange juice from a 12 ounce water glass

Over time I gained weight but I was athletic, active and fit.
I didn’t worry because I still wore a size 10 so I didn’t care what the scale said.

In the picture below you see 35 years of size 10s.
As my waist and hips expanded so did the inches allowed in a size 10.

The top pair I wore in 1973 after having 2 children
The middle pair I wore during my kids’ high school years (1987 – 1993)
The bottom pair is circa 2008

Why worry, I’m still a size 10

Note: This is not the vanity sizing where sizes vary by manufacturer.
This is SIZING CREEP, a concerted effort by all manufacturers to change the measurement charts to allow more inches in each size.
They have been very successful expanding their profits at the expense of our expanding waistlines and hips.

My tag line includes the following data so I will not forget and make the same mistake again.

Size 10 Measurement Charts
1960 - 32.5, 25, 34.5
Today - 38, 30, 40.5

In 2008 I may still have worn a SIZE 10, but I weighed the same as I did when 9 months pregnant.
How could that be? Denial! Put the scale away - the tape measure too as soon as I saw my 40” hips.
Focus on the fact I was STILL a size 10 – just like in high school. Yea me!

This is December 2008 and my grimace reflects my AHA moment when I couldn’t deny reality any longer

I just won my age group with my slowest 5k time ever. I realized that my constantly increasing weight was literally slowing and dragging me down.

My DD (Hayburner1969) is holding the turkey I was awarded as the oldest woman running.

Hayburner did something else for me that day. She introduced me to Sparkpeople.
Then she bought me a food scale while pointing out the benefits of weighing and measuring.

One year later, at my goal weight I ran the same course 4 minutes faster
Over the next 7 years I maintained my weight and my 5k speed.

By logging into Spark every day I know I can beat the regain odds, especially with the support of the team “At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance"

My running speed may decline with age but now in my new age group 70-74, I intend to give it my best shot

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