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Let's Break it Down Dr. Seuss Style and Let's try Rhyming things for a while

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A POEM: By Yo~

I seem to be writing Facts and Explaining Why...So Today I'd like to Simplify.

Let's Break it Down Dr. Seuss Style and Let's try Rhyming things for a while.

The Message I bring is Strong and Quite Clear. The Time to Change is Right Now and Right Here.

Processed Dead Foods are Certainly the Reason for ALL of our Cancers-Sickness-and Diseasin'.

They cause us to Turn on Our Disease Promoters and Store Fat. They Cause side-effects and None of them...Not One...Are Good at that.

So now we are in a Constant State of Stress - Feelings of Fatigue - Hunger - and Duress.

But all can be STOPPED REVERSED and HEALED Now that this Big Secret is Being Revealed.

We've all had the Power all along. We just did not know it...We thought we were wrong.

But It's Not You...It Never Was...As I have said Before Processed Dead Food is the CAUSE.

Let's Go To The SOURCE and Stop Fueling the Sludge that causes our middles to puff out and pudge.

Stop Putting it in...Stop Feeding the Cause...This is the Most Solid SOLUTION there ever was.

For it cannot be if we do not feed it...So Stop putting in the Toxins and Sssh-tuff.

We are the Ones who Choose and Decide...Either a Positive Result or a Really Wild Ride.

Eat Dead Foods and Your Hormones Go INSANE...A Biological Reaction that Runs through your veins.

Turning on Fat Storage and Causing Disease...A Negative Cycle that'll bring you to your knees.

The more you take in...The Worse it Gets...Your mind Swirls with thoughts opinions and regrets.

I should have Done this...I meant to do that...Only Contribute to Storing the Fat.

The Secret is to Just Not Put it In...Don't wake up those Hormones and you'll be NATURALLY Thin.

Just the right size and Just the Right Brain...Your Hormones stable...You're not really Insane.

It was all just side-effects from eating those foods...they messed with our hormones and Messed with our moods...

By not putting them in...Now We BURN Fat...Turn Disease PREVENTERS on and HEAL OURSELVES STAT!

No need for Doctors or Medicines or Morgues...We're Making HEALTHY CHOICES and Reaping the Rewards!

Be eating Health-Organic-and Whole...We Feed our Bodies Minds-Spirit-and Soul.

We take back the POWER to DECIDE what we eat...Rather than let side effects have us reach for a treat.

It makes Sense...Wouldn't you agree? The Power to Decide is all up to ME.

I Decide whether to eat that crap...I can Change my Beliefs in a Thought...In a Snap.

I'm really Quite Powerful and I'm in Charge of Me...I AM the Impact on my Future you see.

For whatever was...Does Not Have To Be...The Power of Choice Makes it All Up to Me.

The Time has Come to Change and Evolve...I say this to you all with Great Resolve.

I know this one choice can Change the Whole World...Let KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING make our Minds be Unfurled.

This is not Opinion...Rather it's Science and Logic...Just STOP Putting in Foods that are unhealthy and Toxic.

If you don't feed it...It cannot Grow...and Soon rather than sickly...You begin to GLOW!

Your Healthy Choices show inside and out...and Everyone wants to Know what this New You is about!

You're looking Slimmer...You're close Fitting Trimmer...People Swear your Energy Shimmers!

They are attracted to you...You're Looking Great...They Want to know how they too can Change their Fate...

Just like you...They want to Glow...They want to be Trim and in the KNOW.

It's up to you now to share all your Knowledge...Let Folks Know for an Education they don't have to go to College.

Just point and click on youtube like me...Invest in Yourself and get a Home-made degree.

What is written...May not be just Fate...But a Warning to Do Something before it's too late.

So share these words...and Do your Part...We don't need to Change the World...Just our own Heart.

By being in Control of our Own Thoughts and Emotions...We'll have Changed the World already by One Persons Notions.

Be Blessed Today~

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1205 days ago
    That's great. Thank you
    1407 days ago
    I love your blog .. love it
    After having my routine colonoscopy last week , my surgeon of 12 years
    I am so thankful for him and the rest of my medical team
    he now offers a print out of the exam a digital picture of my digestive system .. (I am a 12 year survivor of Stage III colon cancer .. )
    I had two polyps removed .. the diagram shows exactly where they were .. complete with pictures ..
    ever since I was handed these papers I have felt a huge obligation to my digestive system ..
    everything that we put in our mouths .. the great .. the good .. the fresh .. the grease and the nasty all has to be processed .. I knew that ..
    yes I do/di
    but did it register ever as powerful as it did this past week ??
    our dear bodies have no say in what we shove in our pie holes .. I know there are times I eat like a lumber jack .. then the next day like a teenager .. then a day of regret so I smarten up .. but seriously if I were to give my digestive system a voice ..
    which I am trying to do ..
    most times it would be screaming .. """what are you thinking ?? I don't want that garbage !! How do you expect me to deal with this ?? "" soon my stomach would chime in .. "holy He$$ what's up with you??" this crap makes me sick .. "
    then my adrenals , my pancreas , my liver , kidneys .. on and on ..

    what if we listened to our bodies .. what if we got silent enough to hear and feel what its trying to tell us ??

    1407 days ago
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