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CANCER KILLS --Today I am Changing that...Today I Kill Cancer!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CANCER KILLS --Today I am Changing that...Today I Kill Cancer!!!

Relinquish your Thoughts to Refute and Just absorb...Take it in and Digest this slowly.
Okay this could get long because I am taking things personal now. I want to share with you a Perspective Many are not used to...and why is that? because we have a Paradigm...A Para-What?!?!? It just means what we Believe to be True.

Now...if you have been hanging around my posts long enough...You will Know that I:

1. Do my Research
2. Follow the Facts
3. Don't Follow Popular Public Opinion

I want to tell you all that Popular Public Opinion and What you Believe to be True are Setting you up for a Death Sentence...What you Don't Know CAN hurt you and even Kill you.

It should be Glaringly Obvious by now that we have Lived a Lifetime of being Manipulated by the Media and Popular Public Opinion. News Flash if you did not realize...Media Manipulation is not New and it Didn't Just happen Special for the Trump Campaign. If you Listen to your Gut...You Know that is True.

So why should Cancer (or ANY Disease or Sickness and Side Effects) be any Different. When I say Cancer...We think of the all too many friends family and loved ones we have lost to the Battle...I just had another friend pass away yesterday from Cancer. I am DONE! You hear me? I am DONE Letting Cancer Take my People or anyone else's.

But I am SURE you Think There is NO CURE...There is No Cure for Cancer...Autism...ADHD...Psori
asis, MS...Rheumatoid Arthritis...Shingles...Absolut
ely Everything...Even though we have raised Brillions (That's Billions or Trillions combined) of Dollars for Research over the time. Keep that in mind Please. MONEY...Lot's of Money! Still NO CURE for Anything...Right?

We can grow organs from a petri dish...We can grow organs in animals...We can recreate a womb and grown an animal inside...We can CLONE! We can Send Satellites and Men to the Moon...We can create in 3D...We can make Virtual Worlds...We can determine history and simulate what happened billions of years ago...but we can't cure a Single Disease...Really?!?!?!

Cancer scares People...Cancer kills people. Popular Public Opinion Dictates that We BELIEVE Cancer is a Death Sentence because this is what we Think to be True...Considering all of those who have been afflicted with Cancer or Sickness or Disease and have died even for how Brave they Fought...

This may make you Mad at first because it Goes against your Beliefs...Which you have Rooted and Founded and Steeped your Very Reality in.

But I am here to Tell you that Just as Hillary Clinton Did NOT become President...Even though the Media Would have you Believe Otherwise...Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence either even though Media and The Powers that Be would have you Believe otherwise!

Now for an example...The People who Believed Hillary should have won...You see with your own two eyes...Even After all of the Facts have come out...and Donald Trump IS our President...What you have been told and Believe to be true...Certainly is NOT what is Really going on.

Those of Us who Voted for President Trump have a Different Paradigm and we can See very clearly how this Group of people are being manipulated and lead by their feelings..NOT Facts...but Fabrications...Right? All it takes is their BELIEF in it...Some of those people are Finally coming around to that realization also...and it Hurts to think you have been played for a fool. Don't be anybodies Fool.

Well...Here is another Dirty Truth...The same Holds True for Cancer. You know what kills Cancer Patients...Not Cancer...We ALL have Cancer...It comes it goes naturally. What Does Happen is the Medicines Keep us Sick...and Chemo...Chemo Kills! Kills everything...Including our Loved Ones.

Do you know chemo is only 3% effective?!?!?! 3%...How can they even do this treatment with a clear conscious...Doing Nothing at all but thinking you are better (Placebo Effect) has a Better Rate than that at 21%...Please Don't take my word for it...Go look this up for yourself. There is POWER in Expectation!

Chemicals Cause Cancer...The Chemicals in our Processed Foods and the Pesticides on our Vegetables...The Chemicals in the Water we Drink and the Air that we breathe...Chemicals in the Medicines we take religiously...Stress...and What we Believe to be True are what Kills us.

Cancer LOVES Sugar...Just like we all do...and it goes Insane in a High Sugar Environment. So that Ensure you are drinking...NOT the Answer! We release hormones that encourage Fat Storage and Disease Promoting when we elevate our Blood sugar. When we correct the Gut bacteria and lower our Sugar levels to Normal...We then Go into Fat Burning and Disease Fighting and our bodies function optimally as they were always meant to.

Remember...I have done my Research...and I don't just Believe something because it is what I was told...I find out for myself...and what I found out...Is Far Far Far Different than what we have been led to Believe to be True. You see...Surprise! Politics is not my Passion...I just like to be informed...Health and Wellness IS my Passion and I have Learned a thing or two over time. Luckily I like to Share what I learn with others so I have a Resource Library with all of my Research and Findings that I Gladly share with Everyone.

Change Your Paradigm...Change Your World...

I will share one of my Blogs for details as this is already long enough...Have a look around my Library...You will see...I have done my Research and I want to Crash your Paradigm...Let's Change the World beginning Today.

If you are tired of Losing your Loved ones to Cancer Sickness and Disease...Take a few more minutes to read this Blog and Change your Paradigm Right Now! There IS a CURE and We CAN save Ourselves! Today we Turn the Tides...and We Kill Cancer Instead of Letting Cancer Kill our People. We CAN...It IS in our Control...and You just need a little more information. Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence...and we CAN do Something about it. BELIEVE that!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love "The Truth About Cancer"! It is Full of so much Truth and a Great place for Folks to Begin their Researching...You will find so many things that you Thought Were True...That are Just as False as CNN.

    But this is a New Day and we are an Informed People and it will not be that way any longer...As long as we are Aware...We CAN Do Something about it...

    Right you are...It Goes Beyond Cancer...ANY...ANY...AAAALL Cancer Sickness Disease and Side Effects are just a Symptom of Chemicals and Toxins in our Bodies...We CAN Cure Every Single Thing...With Food! So Simple...You Don't put the Toxins in...and they no longer have any effect...BAM!
    Go to the Source. Isn't that AMAZING?!?!? But it seems so Simple that it is hard to Believe it to Be True...It is just a Chemical Imbalance and Nature has Given us the Means to HEAL Naturally..While Man who continues to think he can do things better only causes us more Strife in his arrogance.

    Thank you for all of the Great Comments. I am So happy to See So Many who are Aware...
    1397 days ago
  • PEACH209
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    1397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17159191
    Wow you sound just like me. I agree with everything you say and I take it even beyond cancer - diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many more. Have you watched The Truth about Cancer ? So interesting.
    1397 days ago
    I love everything you have said and I am in 100% agreement with it all!
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    1397 days ago
    Great information! Thank you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    “Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”
    ― Earl Nightingale
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    1397 days ago
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