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Many successful journeys began with a rocky start

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Friday, June 09, 2017

So often we set off on a journey with great hopes and plans only to find the road is bumpy and full of potholes. This is true of the road to a healthy lifestyle/goal weight, as many sparkers can attest, and many other areas of life as well.

My blog earlier this week described revisiting the important sites of our youth for our 50th wedding anniversary. That included the church where the ceremony took place.
This was one of the pictures in our album.

What it doesn't show is the chaos that preceded our serene expressions.

As I was standing in the back of the church, the organist began "Here Comes the Bride" all the guests stood up and there was a flurry of activity up at the altar. There was NO PRIEST to perform the marriage. Due to a mixup in dates, we had no one to make our union legal. So the organist kept playing something else and the guests all sat down wondering which one of us got cold feet.

Eventually a substitute arrived to officiate and the rest of the day went smoothly.
However, those first few anniversaries did not.

6/3/68 - Joe’s orders to active duty in the army arrived in the mail. Remember Vietnam?
6/3/69 - He got orders to Vietnam. I was 5 ½ months pregnant
6/3/70 - He was IN Vietnam
6/3/71 - He was looking for a job.
The reaction of his employer upon his return was basically oh, you lived? The law requires us to rehire you but ONLY FOR ONE YEAR. This was the attitude of a "patriotic" defense contractor.
6/3/72 I was 5 months pregnant and driving to our new home in Ohio pulling a U-Haul with a 3 year old throwing up in the back seat

But with patience, persistence and a little bit of luck we continued down the road of life enjoying the great views along the way in spite of the potholes, setbacks and detours.

Last Saturday when we arrived at the church of our wedding, we found it decorated from a wedding that morning. Who would take our picture? Suddenly a priest appeared, just like the substitute who saved the day 50 years ago.

I hope the couple who married that morning can return here in 50 years and look back on their journey with joy.

So often we read blogs from new Sparkers who after starting the program and "doing everything right" are not seeing the results they want. Hang in there. To paraphrase a Broadway song, It's not how you start, it's how you finish.
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