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Great start

Thursday, May 04, 2017

So far, my May is off to a great start! I have succeeded in each of my daily goals: walking, being alcohol free, writing in my gratitude journal and eating a salad a day. These actions (especially the walking!) are creating a positive feedback loop and I feel lighter than I have in months. That "lightness" of spirit translates to 3.7 pounds on the scale which motivates me to maintain these behaviors.

It bears mentioning that I have not had a formal workout this week -- just walking to and from work and on my lunch hour when I can. It also bears mentioning that these are not "new" habits. I started many of these habits in 2015 and maintained them until about the second trimester of my pregnancy. So, I am revisiting old habits and seeing how effective they were when I actually adhered to them. It is not easy to renew these old habits but it is not quite the same as starting from point A because I already know how effective they can be. I already have faith that if I persist in these habits, the results I am hoping for will naturally follow.

If I am able to persist in my goals, this could be a big month for me in terms of weight loss (usually the first through four month of a renewed weight loss effort are the most successful for me). Even though this is a marathon and not a sprint, I will try to maximize my weight less this month.

To that end, I may expand my alcohol free goal to simply being alcohol free for the entire month. Alcohol seems to accompany me going off the rails every time. I bet if I do not drink in the month of May, I will lose 8 or more pounds simply doing what I am doing now. That thought is very motivating to me. Also, I generally like to do at least one alcohol free month per year (haha, last year I was pregnant so I did 9). Why not May?!?! It will help me to explore the other forms of comfort and relaxation open to me. Already this week, I have had tea in the evenings and taken a nice bath. I have also had more motivation to accomplish things in the evening such as preparing my lunch and Scarlett's things for daycare so that I don't have to do it in the morning. What the hell -- why not give it a shot? I am upping my goal for May to an alcohol free month!!!!!
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