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Discouraged that nothing I accomplish makes a difference.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I promised I would be transparent and open. I have worked hard to be positive. I have worked hard to follow my goals every day. I have followed goals for 51 days to exercise, drink water, stay within my calories, track my intake, and follow my challenges. In spite of all of that, I have not lost any weight. I have only lost 1/2 inch from my waist. My goals, my hope, has gone no where and I am discouraged. I keep telling myself I have to persevere. I keep trying to follow the goals, increase my calorie burning and expect to to have a change. I don't know if I will ever be successful in my goal to lose weight. I don't know that anything I do will ever make a difference. It is not very motivating to read the success of others. It is discouraging to see others can follow the same goals, have the same motivation, and they succeed. I have yet to read someone's story about giving all they have and yet not succeeding. The stories seem to say once they give it all they can, they find success. Where can I ever find success?
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    Don't give up. Sometimes bodies can be like stubborn children..kicking & screaming the whole way and holding onto a toy (fat) that it doesn't want to let go of....BUT IT EVENTUALLY WILL! Your mind is stronger than your physical body. Your body can't do anything without permission from the mind first. So stick with it.
    emoticon I believe not all calories are created equal. Calories of sugar will go to my hips, quicker than calories from fish. The one thing that made a BIG difference with me, is giving up animal dairy... (mainly milk). When I just couldn't seem to loose the weight, I gave up milk on an AIP diet, and lo & behold, the weight started coming off. So maybe give that a try and see what happens.
    1173 days ago
    Thanks again for the encouragement. I have checked into medical issues. I am as healthy as can be. My labs are better than when I was a teenager. Even my cholesterol. I tended toward hypoglycemia in my younger years, no more. I do think many of the suggested high fiber foods tend to make me retain. I have to stick to homemade and fresh. Absolutely nothing from a box or bag, including salad. There's something about the preservatives that my body does not like. One salad and I am swelled up for a couple days. So, going to try that.
    1186 days ago
    I completely relate to where you're coming from, but consistence is key. I've been in the same predicament more times than I'd like to admit, but I have to agree with the others, just keep sparking and the results will come. It may take longer than you'd like, but eventually the results will come. I feel foolish giving you advice because I've never lost 63 pounds like you have. I'm in awe. Keep up the good work and your body will follow; it has to. Never give up, and I'll see you around. emoticon
    1186 days ago
    OH my dear, you will succeed, but don't quit.

    Just asking, and you don't have to answer, but do you have any health issues going on? That can make things difficult.

    I have both thyroid disease and type 2 diabetes.

    Getting those things under control made a huge impact on my ability to get healthier.

    1187 days ago
    Thank you for the great support. It's nice to know, Patommc3, there are others out there who have experienced this. Hopefully, I will have the same experience and will just all of a sudden drop. I'm not giving up. I upped my workout yesterday and was easily able to get through it. Day 52 and still going for it. emoticon
    1187 days ago
    In october of 2015 I decided enough was enough, I started watching my diet and moving more, over the next 5 months I worked hard BUT did not loose a pound! I still kept going and love and behold over a 2 week period the weight just came off like magic! It was like my body held onto that weight then finally said, oh whatever and boom gone 25 lbs! It took me another 4 or 5 months to loose the other 25 lbs but that weight came off a few pounds a week! Don't give up, don't beat yourself up, it will happen! Keep sparkin!
    1187 days ago
    Don't give up. Stay positive. You are doing something right you lost inches I know it's not a lot but it is something. Keep up the good work it WILL pay off in the end. I believe in that and believe in you as well. ☺
    1188 days ago
    I completely relate and I am starting to accept I could do all the right things and not get to where I want weightwise. The thing is it's about creating the healthiest lifestyle possible. I am overweight still. My bloodwork though says I am healthy. I feel like I have benefitted mentally from all the healthy changes. Yes, of course I want to lose 30 pounds and wear my old clothes. I hold out hope, but regardless I am at this for life. I know if I stop I will gain weight.
    1188 days ago
    Don't give up. There are many reasons for not seeing the results you want. It could be medical, nutritional or simply your body just hasn't caught up yet. Don't forget muscles weighs more than fat so that could also be making it hard to see results.
    1188 days ago
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