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I hope it's not goodbye but...

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Small update and some Spark thoughts...

I finally saw the gastro doc last week. She said the same thing my primary doc said - her first thought was that my symptoms sound very much like celiacs so we're going to test that again. I really don't think that is it though? I hear stories about celiacs who get really sick if they eat any gluten and I feel like that isn't me?

Her second thought was that I have done "internal damage" from the amount of ibuprofen I have taken and I need to heal my system. I had a rough weekend... had to drink a special drink and my stomach went nuts all weekend and is finally settling down today. I started a new medicine yesterday and I'm trying her new dietary recommendations. She wants me to eat bran cereal (I eat with almond milk) for breakfast and "large volumes of veggies" with a low fat protein at lunch. I have been packing spinach salads with chopped veggies and hard boiled egg. It has only been a little while so I haven't noticed any changes. Haven't lost any weight either, which is kinda crazy considering how sick I have been. Twice in the past week I have eaten basically broth for dinner because my stomach is so upset. Shrugs.

There is that saying along the lines of "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" THAT IS ME. I'm eating less junk than ever before, some days I struggle to even eat, I'm making sure to get some fitness in every day whether its a video or walking, and I'm still 190 pounds. So there is that. Done whining! But trying to stay hopefully that some of these changes will help how my body processes food and maybe burns it off too?

Work has been super duper busy, which I know isn't helping my stomach. I have an overwhelming desire for a day off with some self care. Thankfully the weather has turned around so I have gotten a ton of walking in! That helps. Calms me down! I have even gotten coworkers to join me and they agree - it feels so much better after you get a walk in!

Someone else has been super happy about walking... little lovebug Beatrice can't get enough of the sunshine!

And now Spark thoughts...

I've honestly completely lost my "Spark" / desire to use Spark since the site changes. A lot of what I used to love is gone - building new friendships, feeling like it was a safe space, being able to easily track and connect everything, being gamified into doing more with Sparkpoints.

I've basically been using Spark for food tracking. I hate the new "open" interface and I don't feel comfortable posting anymore. Even writing/sharing this blog makes me feel insecure because it seems like anyone and their mother will be able to read it. I feel like I've totally lost touch with the spark friends I was following closely. It is a huge bummer. SO if you're out there friends, please shoot me a message. I'd love to connect on instagram/facebook. I care about you!

I have been searching for other food tracking apps and considering leaving Spark. It is a real shame. I remember when I first joined and how it felt but that is gone now. Maybe others get motivated by strangers and crowds but that isn't me. Maybe people like the curated feed of success stories, but that isn't me. I like talking to the people who are in my boat, in my area, in my interests and things like that which seem to no longer be part of Spark. Maybe I just don't know where to look? School me perhaps? But overall I'm not feeling it anymore and this time it doesn't even feel worth trying to find the "spark" again... This doesn't mean I'm giving up on eating better and moving more! It just means this resource might not be the right fit for me anymore. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I'd love to hear them!

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    I feel the same. I feel so disconnected from Spark and all my friends that I have been keeping up with for YEARRS!!! I really miss the "old" way of sparking emoticon

    IG name KimTee415
    1023 days ago
    Gosh, I totally feel ya on the lost "Spark" since all the recent changes... but also because work has been eating up all my time. Ironically, I tried to comment on this blog back when you first posted it, but the Android app had a really small character limit! If you do end up leaving, please let's keep in touch!
    1046 days ago
    I haven't been around in a while, so when I came back I was a bit confused at the changes.
    I do see there is a way to click "Friend feed", still, which is how I saw your post.

    Maybe you could focus on that area???

    I'm sad at the idea SP is not good anymore. :(

    I want to get active on here again and use it to help motivate me, like it did for me in my good ol' days!!

    I hope you will feel better soon, that sucks so much you are having so many continued stomach issues. I hope for you that your doctor will be able to finally figure out the culprit and help you! It's a numbers game probably, for her to see finally which approach is right, but that's no fun to go through the process for.
    1047 days ago
    You can eliminate the Community Feed altogether, which is what I did. So sorry about your gastro distress!

    emoticon emoticon

    You might be interested in joining this team, it is very supportive and it looks for blogs that are uplifting and supportive in weight loss and Sparking. It's called the Treasure Trove.

    Best wishes with your health!

    AND...Beatrice is adorable!
    1052 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/5/2017 11:30:29 PM
    I'm totally ignoring the community feed thing - if it's related to Twitter in any way, I want no part of it!!! (Especially considering the Tweeter in Chief!!!)

    Sorry you're going through so much stomach distress! Have they talked about taking a look with either an endoscopy or colonoscopy? Neither is pleasant, but maybe they need to actually look and see what's going on? Other thought is maybe you have IBS? Common in families, and more so in women - and, well, some of us have odd symptoms. So worth a talk with your dr. (Oh, and have you mentioned the endometriosis to your stomach dr? Sometimes the tissue actually penetrates internal organs and can totally mess up your digestion. Be sure to ask about that too. My digestive problems got much better after I finally had a hysterectomy and had most of that excess endometrial tissue removed from all over my kishkas.)

    Hope they figure out something so you feel better!!!!
    1052 days ago
    I'm with you girl. I used to love coming on and seeing what all of my friends were up to, tracking my fitness and nutrition but there just aren't that many active people anymore. The novelty has totally worn off. I plan to stay, maybe SP will get a second (or third, or fourth) wind and bounce back.
    1053 days ago
    emoticon emoticon but I'm still trying ... I'm still standing!
    1053 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1540230
    I totally feel you about losing the "spark." It's just not what it used to be and there's very little they offer that continues to draw me in, except to come in and check up on my friends. I haven't used Spark to track my food in probably 2 years now (i actually find using My Fitness Pal sooooo much more user friendly for food/exercise tracking).

    In terms of the stomach issues: so sorry to hear that. I've been reading and listening to podcasts talk more and more about the "leaky gut" phenomenon. I'd recommend you looking into that. It's not a "cure" or anything, but it's interesting perspective based on science of what could be happening. If you have a moment, check out the podcast, The Chalenge Show, specifically epsidoes 239 & 240.

    Best of luck to you, friend.
    1053 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12765175
    I'm really glad to hear you are at least on a road to some answers and healing!! all of the vibes your way.

    oh & Hi friend emoticon !!! you've still got me but I am also feeling the exact same about Spark. Its not so much about all of the changes, although annoying but its not as motivating to me on here anymore....I used to get so excited to log on & chat with people and track my progress but now its like no ones here the novelty has worn off. I've considered & even tried MFP but it nowhere close to the same as Spark & I just don't like it.....oh boo, times are changing & we just need to find SOMETHING that works as I am off the rails and don't know how to jump back on.

    ps:can we just take a second & gush over Bea's little smile there!? like come on!!!!

    1053 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/4/2017 5:09:19 PM
    You can change your community feed to ONLY show people you're friends with. and you can still access your friend feed from the main page. I hope you stick around and I hope you figure out what's going on soon!

    Bingley says hi to Bea!
    1053 days ago
    I have to say I lost my spark. It is not the same. Idk what to do. I basically just track my food on here. Maybe gym if I'm trying to see results, but honestly I get more out of my Lgheath app associated with my Phone than here anymore.
    1053 days ago
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