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March 14, 2017 No surgery & I need help

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My name is Tim Cogdill, I live in Olathe, KS, I'm 41 and weigh just under 700lbs, down from 800lbs on January 1st. I have a mass/pannus on my lower body that weighs 100-200lbs. I have not walked since January 7th, the day I entered the hospital, I am working with physical therapy to walk again. I can be reached at persistenttim@gmail.com Well I'm not getting my surgery. The anesthesiologist stopped it yesterday, he said it was a pulmonary concern but I was willing to risk it and he was not. I talked with one medical professional who said because I don't carry my fat around my chest or neck much it shouldn't be a major problem but they are not an anesthesiologist. This person also said they'd risk their life to be rid of the pannus without question. They also agreed that I'm dying everyday I spend in this bed for several reasons one of which is my skin which is breaking down after being in remarkably good condition (the hospitals opinion) upon entering the hospital. After a rough evening last night I decided to keep working, I'll do my exercises not once but twice daily, and I'll keep trying to stand. We attempted to get me standing which ended with me falling to the floor again, very painful but that's how we progress. Keep falling until I don't. The current plan/deal I made with the hospital administration is either I get into another hospital better equipped or rehab or option two they get me walking enough to go to my moms. The problem with my mother and stepfathers home is it's smallish with two bathrooms with tubs and small toilets. I need a walk in shower at the very least and not a cheap plastic one my weight would break, it needs to be sturdy. I'd also need a bariatric portable toilet so I can use it in the shower because when I sit on a toilet the urine goes on the floor plus their toilets are quite small. Right now the plan is a place on the deck out back where we can get some hot water to and set up the bariatric toilet there. I would simply take my clothes off when I need to use the bathroom or shower, put on my robe and head outside, I'd do what I need and then shower each time to make sure the wounds on my pannus and my skin stay clean. The doctor told me the only solution for the wounds on the pannus is to remove it as they'll never heal or stop leaking fluid but unless it gets a bad infection it shouldn't kill me. I'll also need a wheelchair to get to doctors appointments and such. Along with other rehab equipment. The doctors have said my best chance for surgery is to lose more weight at home as a hospital will be more likely to do the surgery if it's outpatient. One of my biggest regrets is taking disability because it only enabled me to get fatter and into the position I'm in now. But more so because I knew I could not care for myself financially and now I can't physically either. I want more than anything to do both which is why this is so hard on me. After a night of sleep and prayer I've agreed with my folks to try and raise some money to get what I'll need since insurance won't cover any of it. So they set up a GoFundMe page, if you could just share it, I'm not asking you to donate. I just figure the more shares maybe some people will help out. Who knows maybe a rich person will donate all I need :) www.gofundme.com/800lbs You guys have been such a big part of my life the last two months, you've helped me through a lot of depression and kept me going. I'm not sure Gods plan for me but I'm open to it, whether I'm a cautionary tale of some kind or meant to help people when I'm healed I don't know but I'm trying my best. Either way I'm a forever changed man! Gofundme.com/800lbs
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    I am praying for you and rooting for your success! emoticon
    1400 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Is that anesthetist the only one in the hospital? Many years ago I wouldn't allow something in some surgery that had to be done to relieve a disease I had so the department doctors held a meeting discussing my case and asked if one of them would perform the surgery anyway. One volunteered and the surgery went very well. Can you not ask for another anesthetist? Just a suggestion.
    1401 days ago
    So sorry Tim emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Keep working and never ever give up.
    1404 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2017 4:32:44 PM
    Awwww Tim. I don't know what to say. Trust in God. Doors are being closed for a reason that we can't understand. Maybe they are just closed until your body can handle it and that is a good thing. Just hard to accept. Keep working. Keep trying. Those doors will open. His time, not ours.
    1404 days ago
    The risk must have been very high for the anaesthetist to say 'no'. It is a HUGE operation - and your body would be severely shocked by that much intervention. Not much point having the panus removed if you are not alive at the end of the operation! So, reckon you staying alive is more important. I'm not sure staying with your parents, with all those adaptions that would be necessary, is the right way to go. Every-time you needed clinical care, you'd have to endure that transportation again, and that was horrendous for you. I hope you can find a therapy centre, or clinic where you can have daily support, therapy, exercise, diet management, emotional support - where they're already set up to care for someone of your size and condition. I know a lot of people are praying for you - and I'm sure the 'right' outcome will eventually manifest itself.

    You can travel towards full recovery and come out of this experience as a powerful advocate for health & well-being.
    1404 days ago
    God's got this!!! Stay in the Word, keep praying, keep leaning on Father God. He has promised He will never leave us or forsake us. Even when you can't feel His presence, He is there. Don't forget that. emoticon

    I will continue to pray.
    1405 days ago
    I'm sorry that they cancelled your surgery Tim but if the anesthesiologist thought it was for the best I'm sure they were right. I will continue to pray for you & those around you. emoticon
    1405 days ago
    I am so sorry about what happened!! You are so strong & determined, and I know God can hear your prayers and all of our prayers for you....He has something planned for you,...you just have to have patience & strength for what that plan is..and all the prayers will give you even more strength...
    I pray the gofundcom.com will bring you what you need...
    Much love & prayers to you...you are such an inspiration for so many!

    1405 days ago
  • BLUE7684
    Tim, I am sorry to hear that the surgery was canceled. Keep up the hard work and remain focused on your goal! You have already lost so much weight this year and I pray that you continue on this path and that the doctor's will be able to help you. Keep Faith and emoticon
    1405 days ago
    Sorry to hear they couldn't/wouldn't do surgery. Just keep focused on how far you have come and stay on the path you are on. Sending hugs and prayers your way. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1405 days ago
    Tim, So sorry to hear the surgery has been cancelled, but thankful that you are so determined and that you have lost 100 lbs just since January. That in itself shows that you are making progress and you can do this! Continuing to pray with you! emoticon
    1405 days ago
    How disappointing that the hospital won't do the surgery to remove that thing! We all have things that we would change if we had a "re-do" button. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.
    1405 days ago
    Tim- Sorry about the surgery, grrr! BUT, you have lost 100 lbs since January! YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN YOU CAN CAN THIS, I know you do! Keep going! NEVER stop! It's all any of us can do! We are all pulling for you, kiddo! Hugs!
    -Gina emoticon
    1405 days ago
    I am so very sad and disappointed to hear this, Tim. Please try to stay strong and keep trying. 100 lbs since the beginning of the year is terrific and you can keep going. I'll try to spread the word on your Go Fund Me. This is when local media being aware of it can generate funding by announcing it to their listeners.
    1405 days ago
    Tim, this is the most important thing you will ever do. Do it for your life. Reclaim your life. You were meant to be happy. There is a beautiful world waiting for you. Think of all the things you still want to do. You are loved more than you know.
    1405 days ago
    Sharing. I'm heartbroken for you that your surgery was cancelled. Praying for your new situation.

    1405 days ago

    I'm so sorry that your surgery got cancelled. I'm praying hard for you each and every day. Please don't let this get your spirits down. I know it has to be hard, but I do believe God has a great plan for you. If you would like someone to talk and vent to, I'm always here just sparkmail me and I WILL get back in touch with you.

    Hugs and Blessings

    1405 days ago
    Keep doing what you're doing! Just don't give up! Praying that you can get into rehab and get some more help so that you can have surgery soon. emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
    Oh sweetie - I am so so sorry. I know what a huge disappointment this must have been for you. I so wish I could give you a "real" hug, but this is the best I can do on here emoticon

    I would think ideally that the best solution would be rehab where you would have all the help, support, and equipment you need right there. Rehab would be so much better than an actual hospital because they could dedicate time to more physical therapy, nutrition, etc than a normal hospital could.

    Also, if you go to your parents, check with social services and other agencies, a lot of times there are programs that will assist with disabled persons to accommodate special needs for certain disabilities (like maybe helping pay for and do the work for building a bathroom specifically for you). Use all the resources you can.

    Keep using us for emotional and mental support, and believe me when I say "using" us, you are giving to us. You inspire us all!!

    Much love emoticon and prayers emoticon coming your way!!
    1406 days ago
  • no profile photo L_DROUIN
    Keep on keeping on! Wow! You've lost 100 pounds already! Do you read the Bible? The Bible is God's way of talking to us. Prayer is our way of talking to Him. Small changes will bring great results. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! God will help you, but remember that God does things at the exact right time. God is good all the time. I just said a prayer for you!
    1406 days ago
    Hi Tim, you can do this! I am sorry to hear about the anesthesiologist cancelling your operation. It will happen though. Hugs!
    1406 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about this! emoticon emoticon

    Sometimes when we don't get what we prayed for, the answer's not "No," it's in God's time. We just have to wait longer for it. emoticon

    Except you aren't just waiting, you're helping to make it happen by eating your low calorie diet and exercising. You are being proactive! And the GoFundMe is a very good idea. emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
    I have forwarded your story to everyone I could think of. I know God will make a way for these things to come to past. I love your determination, it brings me hope in my own situation. I'm so proud of you! :-)
    1406 days ago
    I know you can lose the weight. You have my prayers and my friendship. I know it's not easy, but I also know how determined you are. Stay positive and stay motivated!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
    1406 days ago
    You should be very proud of yourself that you are losing the weight!!! Just because the doctors won't do the surgery doesn't mean your out it just means not right now until you lose more weight. God will provide to you Tim He always does. He will never leave you or forsake you. You will get the money for setting up your equipment at your moms. God bless you. I am here if you need me.
    1406 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    I'm wishing you the best and wishing for the very best to be ahead of you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
    1406 days ago
  • L01745
    I'll be praying for you and your recovery, and for the doctors and admin to make smart choices.
    1406 days ago
  • REDSKY40
    You have what's most important... determination! It's important to be positive when even hospital employees are not. Small steps in goals to get up & walking again is a great change. God luck. I will be praying for you.
    1406 days ago
    You are down 100 pounds since January! That is something to celebrate! Instead of looking at what is going wrong in your life, start seeing your small successes.
    1406 days ago
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