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Fit Bit shows why I have a Fat Butt

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I've lamented forever about why I'm not losing weight. I've stayed within a pound or two of the same weight for over a year even though I've stayed within my calorie ranges and I've been trying to exercise more. I got a Fitbit last week. I synced it to Sparkpeople so it not only shows my steps and my calories for the day but it also shows me the calories I've burned. emoticon Even on my best days I'm not getting enough steps in. And then there are the bad days where the weather is too bad to get out and walk or I am having a bad day emoticon and I get almost no steps in. Well a few hundred compared to the thousands it takes to burn off a pound. Most days I'm eating around 1200 calories. On weekends it may go up to 1300 or 1400. I really don't want to limit my calories any further. So that means I need to exercise more. I'm trying. I really am but it's not always feasible. When I'm able to get out and walk I'm walking over a mile now and my goal is to make it all the way around the park this summer (3 miles) like I used to do every day. I guess I should just be happy with where I am. I know I'm getting healthier and I'm getting stronger. I should be content with that. But I'm still 29 pounds from goal. emoticon Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  • CARD512002
    588 days ago
    Those women in the picture look pretty spry-I agree--LOL-Lynda
    740 days ago
    That Cobb Salad was disastrous!--- tasty tho--LOL--I learned that I can't eat that--Lynda
    790 days ago
    Good morning to yu--- We are chewing there the left overs also--- I attired of them tho--Hugs, Lynda
    800 days ago
    I hope that you enjoy your time together!-I shall be thinking of yu--Its just Himself and I won Xmas Day--but busy Xmas eve-- Ill Spark--LOL--Hugs, Lynda
    805 days ago
    Well, yu bought the first present and that is great!--LOL---Hugs, Lynda
    813 days ago
    I am fine---- One has to be strong-----Lord love a Duck---LOLOL--- Thanks tho-so happy to have yu!--Lynda
    828 days ago
    The poor girl that yu spoke of--but--I see it in Himself's practice too-- Lynda
    840 days ago
    Yu are so funny----I got dinner ready early too for the dogs--- Crazy! --Lynda
    852 days ago
    One day, i really really hope that he (son#4) will see that I tell him the truth because I love him---sometimes grown kids are difficult--I just have to wait it out--Mega snow falling here outside---wet snow---- So nice of you to let know how yu dealt with all that--Lynda
    860 days ago
    Yu just made me LOL----- I mean--I will go to the grocery--but------first of all, I am going to the Sports store--(Himself;f doesn't know)-and buy a new winter coat--ha ha----- Yu kinda knew eh?--- We women have to keep stuff under wraps!--Lynda
    868 days ago
    Yu are so funny!--Yes the secretary would be me too-LOLOL-Lynda
    912 days ago
    hot here too--and buggy-Lynda
    1017 days ago
    Yu have my problem---- recycled weight---- (I'm kidding of course)--One good thing Sue, yu never have given up--Lynda-
    1037 days ago
    Sue-Yu are out of Whack too---==- oh no!--Lynda
    1054 days ago
    His Sue---- "How do yu do"----- emoticon Isn't that a song?----Anyway, someday it will b e warmer--LOL--Lynda
    1055 days ago
    Hi Sue--I feel very sorry for myself tonight--LOL--- but--its good its gone--Lynda
    1099 days ago
    Thanks Sue--So if yu fly that Dreamliner--look for him!--*S*--Lynda
    1115 days ago
    Hi ----We are expecting more snow tonite-- more shovelling--Lynda
    1131 days ago
    Wow! I did not realize that you lost and gained --- How many times have I done that --all my life!-- And yes, I agree at least we are not gaining--Lynda
    1132 days ago
    No no no--- Stay "IN" ---no half in--LOL---- WE HAVE TOO DO THIS!___ Lordy Be--Itrs not easy eh?-- Lynda
    1148 days ago
    me too--rededicate myself to eating better--- putting myself first instead of vacuuming dog hairs-- Hugs to yu-Lynda
    1161 days ago
    I wish you a day full of joy--happiness--not too many copies-- and time for yu--Lynda
    1167 days ago
    Don't worry --We will wait for your--HUgs-Lynda
    1245 days ago
    I was at the 4-5000 steps forages-- but Ive decided to increase the walking up the highway bit--- and that has really increased the steps--This afternoon I had to walk to the corner and back to get that last 2000 steps in-- It isn't easy --- What is tho eh?--We need a medal don't we for even trying! Lynda
    1272 days ago
    When son#2 called, he was telling me how rouge it was--passengers vomiting etc--- and he never is upset too much about much-- but I knew this kinda threw him--and he has been flying for yrs-- said, "Mom you don't mess around with wind shear"--- Lynda
    1276 days ago
    Good day to yu---- Lynda emoticon
    1294 days ago
    You are not getting the rain, because we are getting it all here--LOL--- Lynda
    1296 days ago
    I am so sorry that you had to send yer doggie to Heaven--That has to be the hardest thing ever!-Lynda
    1301 days ago
    Mr Fishnets did not like me criticizing Himself--- But My Fishnets is a good guy--- I respect him--LOL-Lytnda
    1327 days ago
    happy you enjoy that FITBIT ----- and at least you guys eat those leftovers ---- Himself always says he will but it never happens-Lynda
    1333 days ago
    Oh dear ------lots to learn--Lynda
    1349 days ago
    Yes, that is the same car---which is repaired now-- to the tune of $4,700
    1362 days ago
    no--Thank goodness I wasn't with Himself when he hit the parked truck--- Hope I can talk him outta driving--Lynda
    1371 days ago
    I forgot about the race--Thanks for the reminder-Lynda
    1378 days ago
    You are right--It did rain--on my laundry---- LOL-Lynda
    1380 days ago
    I hope that your weight has dropped-- Lynda
    1397 days ago
    so happy to read yer blog--just keep doing what yu are doing--sounds good to me!-Lynda
    1411 days ago
    WEll--I sure an rethinking all these animals-- Nice to hear from you--- in fact, yu made my day-- nice to hear how others are coping-Lynda
    1430 days ago
    You are doing well--- AND--You have pets too--LOL-Lynda
    1434 days ago
    Seeing what you have been doing can help motivate you to do a little more.
    1438 days ago
    We sHALL keep trying---- The Fitbit does help-Lynda
    1442 days ago
  • PEAJAY26
    Congrats on the Fitbit. It is a positive step. As suggested by others, mine is set to vibrate if I haven't hit 250 steps during that hour. But I also like the challenges. I am currently doing both the workweek hustle (which is a Monday thru Friday challenge that is a group of assorted friends--- 2 twenty somethings, a couple of thirty somethings, and a few of us who are well past 60 ) as well as a challenge that simulates a hike in Yosemite. We 50+ may not keep pace with the 20+ crew but they sure do inspire us to try to do a little more than we otherwise would.
    1452 days ago
  • PHOUSE99
    Finding the cause of your struggle is step#1! Now you and work to adjust what needs adjusting.

    I use a fitbit as well. I started working out with a trainer I think 2 years ago? Something like that..anyway. I was only maintaining my weight. And he seriously works my tail off. I have had days where I could hardly get out of bed the next day.

    I have a desk job and sit literally all day long. My Fitbit Alta vibrates every hour to remind me to take at least 250 steps. So that helps get steps in. I add my workouts that I do with my trainer in so that helps with the calorie burn. Also keep in mind that Fitbit adds in your basal metabolic rate (think that is what someone called it). Basically that add in what your burn for just breathing. I was sick one day and stayed in bed the whole day and it said I burnt 1500 calories.

    For me personally, it was my food. Not just my calorie intake, but what I was putting in my mouth. January 1st of this year, I stopped drinking all pop. January 2nd, I started a 21 day Daniel Fast (fruits, veggies and nuts only). In that 21 days, I lost 10 pounds. Added another 19 days to make it 40 days and lost another I think 2. I've kept on with it. But if I want a cadbury egg, I eat one. If I want a slice of pizza, I eat it. But the days where I do that are minimal. So far I have lost just over 20 pounds.

    We are going on a family vacation with my husband's family June 2nd. I'm right on track with SP with losing 2 pounds per week by the time we leave. So by then, I should have lost 45 pounds with another 10 pounds or so to go after that.

    The one thing I tell people who ask me what I am doing is that you have to have to have to track what you eat. I don't care what app they use or if they use pencil and paper. If you put it in your mouth, track it. Also, if you want to lose belly fat, you have to get rid of or at least slow down on added sugar. And around the middle is going to be the LAST place that looks like you want it to (according to my trainer and I've heard it before him as well).

    The Daniel Fast or Daniel Diet (I think they might be 2 different things, but not sure) are hard at first, but if you find recipes you like, it's easier. I am not a veggie lover. I like corn, cauliflower, carrots and brocolli. And I like meat. But the recipes I have been finding, make the others that I don't like taste good. People ask me if I miss eating bread. And honestly, I don't. I order my hamburgers from McDonald's without the bun. I do miss butter though.Pop and butter are the only 2 things that I haven't gone back to having.

    Good luck! You can do this! Honest! Sorry my reply is so long! I get carried away sometimes. :) emoticon
    1453 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I always use my Fitbit. I do add Spark exercises or the gym several days per week. If you have a pool, that is a great form of exercise even with a disability (my right arm is my disability issue)
    1453 days ago
    I just got my Fitbit last week and boy was I in for a shock. It seems like even though I have a desk job, I'm constantly on the move. Well, that just is all in my head LOL
    Trying to step it up a little each day at least to make sure I still even have a pulse :)
    What a long way I have to go!
    1453 days ago
  • C76365
    On youtue there are lots of chair excersizes by paul eugene. I used to use them cause i have bad ankles. Ive now gone to his other cardio workouts. And getting a stationary bike today. Just keep trying to move forward you got this.
    1453 days ago
    1st, congrats on finding the root of your struggle. Many would have given up by now. 2nd look @ sparkpeople tv channel to check out seated exercises you can do to burn calories if you're having a bad walking day. 3rd, don't quit! Hugs!
    1453 days ago
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