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Monday, March 13, 2017

Yep. Gestational diabetes sucks. Overall my 2hr after meal #s are good. Morning fasting #s may be creeping up, but I've been playing with pm snacks (and daylight savings time/sleep changes). Had to send my #s to the nutrition lady this morning and haven't heard back, so maybe I'm good with diet controlled for another week.

With 1st trimester weight loss, then gain, then loss (largely after being put on stupid GD diet), I'm looking at a 4lb overall gain so far this pregnancy. At my appt Friday they estimated the baby at 5lb 10oz, so...that's interesting math. The Friday before that the specialist office U/S estimated him at 5lb 10oz too. At first I started to worry that he hadn't grown in a week even though they said he should be gaining ~1/2lb per week right now. But the regular OB U/S tech said the estimates can be off by ~1lb. Plus, the more I got to thinking about it, I think the high risk office tech last week may be biased to look for bigger babies. He passed his BPP & NST, and he's been plenty active since, so I'm going to assume he's still doing well in there. Got another appt with scans this Friday, so we'll see what they say.

Lessons learned so far from GD...
1) I really can resist "bad" foods. When it's dr. ordered, appts are expensive, and it matters for the health of my kiddo, it's not that crazy hard to turn down sweets & treats.

2) I am disturbed how much I'm resisting actual change. Yes, I am complying with the diet...but I honestly see it as something with an "expiration date" and not something I am planning on maintaining. Yes, I can resist the goodies, but I still want them, and I'm only doing it temporarily. I'm trying to make a mental shift that this is good for me. That it's effective (I'm losing weight without trying to at a time when I'm "supposed" to be gaining weight, and my baby is growing, so I AM curious what progress I would make with this way of eating if I wasn't pregnant...and if I added exercise).

3) I miss exercise. Walking has become uncomfortable after ~10 minutes, and it does unpredictable things to my blood sugar readings, so I'm not doing a lot of it. Or really, any of it. I was walking occasionally, but mostly I've been doing field work the last couple weeks, so not so much.

Also, my MIL just got the word from her doctor that she has or may have diabetes. I guess her fasting # was ~250. It's frustrating how many different recommendations I see for diabetes and GD. Even just for GD, some ladies have drs saying NO FRUIT before noon...I've kinda been living on cottage cheese & fruit for breakfast most mornings, but it seems like fruit spikes me at night. My MIL has been told NO FRUIT at all except maybe the occasional apple. So many different recommendations, so many variables & unknowns, and everyone's body reacts differently. I am worried about having issues with diabetes later, but again, I'm having a hard time seeing past my due date with the diet etc. I guess we'll see how things go.

1/3/16: 259.4
8/7/16: 255.4 (3wks 1 day preg)
9/6/16: 251.4 (1st prenatal appt)
9/14/16: 250.6 (8wks 5 days preg, prenatal appt)
9/29/16: 252.0 (10wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
10/27/16: 249.8 (14wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt)
12/1/16: 256.4 (19wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
12/8/16: 257.4 (20wks 6 days preg)
12/13/16: 255.8 (21wks 4 days preg)
12/16/16: 256.8 (22wks preg)
12/19/16: 262.8 (22wks 3 days preg)...new all time high...maybe better get used to this. Freaks me out cause I've still got like 18 wks of potential gains. Here's hoping for the best, but I just want both of us to be healthy when this is all over.
12/29/16: 265.0 (23wks 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s) stupid holidays
1/26/17: 269.2 (26wks 6 days preg, prenatal appt, 1hr GD test)
3/10/17: 259.6 (34wks, prenatal appt)
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    At the moment, concentrate on baby and you. You seem to be doing really well. Keep up the good work!
    1408 days ago
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