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GOALS: Week of January 29

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Goal(s) Week of Jan. 29:
1) Run at least 4 miles,2 times this week
3) Weight Training 4x this week (with cardio)
4) Reduce weight (3 pounds) and reduce body fat %

1) 1 of 2
2) Success
3) Got my weight back to where I want it; oddly my body fat % went up. Maybe because I used a different website this time to do the calculations...who knows?!

Notes as I start a new week:
So this past week was no good on the nutrition and exercise front. Between travel and social commitments after work, then a (totally fun) night out on the town with my husband....let's just say the results are noticeable--and not in a good way. So, back at it! I had a great, long workout today and am looking forward to killing it this week.

While I let him keep his own story, my husband has also been on this journey with me. Between the two of us we joke that we've lost a teenager. He didn't have as much to lose as I did (about 25-30 pounds to my 70+)...but he goes gain muscle MUCH faster that I do. I'm jealous that his physique pops back so quickly...but I also get to enjoy it, so I won't let the jealousy get the best of me. :-)

Things have been pretty decadent in general these past few weeks. My body, my brain, and my wallet are all feeling it. I'm really feeling the need to re-focus and concentrate--but I keep letting distractions get the best of me. It doesn't help that I haven't been to church the past several weeks--that is usually a pretty centering time for me.

What works for you when you need to regroup?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I set aside a day to let everything else go and just concentrate on eating right and moving my body in meditative ways. It's kinda like the discipline of going to church. Making for a holy day. I head a priest who would drum the idea that "holy" meant "set apart". So I guess I plan a "holy" day to refocus and reconnect with my mission. I can sustain any effort for one day, and that's usually just enough to turn things around. You'll get there. (where? to church?) Back on track. Thanks for sharing the journey.
    964 days ago
    First off, can I just say, "Hubba hubba!"
    As far as regrouping, the most important thing is to figure out what is most important for you. I had to accept my own genetics and be grateful that I could just be healthy. My blood chemistry is excellent, and I now recognize healthy choices even when the unhealthy ones are tempting me right and left. What are your primary motivators? What will make you happy? Focus on that, and remember that all of this is just for you and nobody else. We all love you just as you are.
    965 days ago
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