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I'm not looking for pity

Thursday, January 12, 2017

... but I could use some tips and advice!

There is a reason one of those "work out every day for 30 days" challenges won't work for me. There is a reason why I'm afraid to sign up for things like those "challenges" or strict workout plans.

My body IS a challenge in itself.

I have two doctor's appointments next week and I am glad because I've definitely reached a point of major frustration with my health.

Without going into too much detail, my endometriosis is acting up pretty badly. This happens about 4x a year and when it does it grinds everything to a halt.

To give you an idea, I didn't get much sleep last night from the pain. I alternate between sweating/burning up and being freezing cold. I dragged myself out of bed this morning and put on clothes (pretty good outfit for how I feel, go self) and dragged myself to the car. Somehow made it to my desk, where I had to bend over and put my head down several times before lunch. My coworker offered to drive me to get sushi and I barely made it to his car and back to my desk. I have been sitting here ever since feeling poorly. I'm mad at it, especially because the weather is SO nice today and I should be outside going for a walk or two. But I know when I get home later I will want to take a shower and lay down with a heating pad and call it a day. On my way home from work yesterday I had cramps so bad I could swear I felt them in my chest. I don't mean to seem dramatic but that was how it felt.

I used to be mad at myself on days like this for being unable to do a workout. Now I know that it's okay sometimes just to focus on what you can do with what you've got. Maybe I'll take this evening to pin more healthy recipes or read one of my weight watchers/clean eating/prevention magazines.

I am not throwing in the towel! But I am taking a little side trip with a different focus for a few days. Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? What do you do when you feel poorly? Do you "forgive" yourself for doing things like skipping a workout when you aren't well? I'm really trying not to shame spiral again but I am also trying to stay in touch with my body and trying to be understanding. Thanks!
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    I don't think you should have to "forgive" yourself for not working out when your endometriosis is flaring up--there is really nothing to forgive. You are taking care of yourself when you need it most.
    1140 days ago
    Been there and done that with the endometriosis, sweetie, so I truly do know how you feel. As if one entire portion of your body is being twisted into a giant red flaring and flaming hot knot and the pain radiates all the way down to your toes, out to your fingers, and up into your brain and hair follicles. All with a cold sweat. (Plus I'd be throwing up, but that was just me.)

    So - I know you don't want to go the surgery route, which is a permanent solution, but will mean no babies.

    Hormone therapy can help - but it can also mess with your own hormones, your mood, your skin, and your weight.

    My best solution was not even pain meds - I had some leftover muscle relaxer medication from a severe lower back problem, and I tried that. And it worked great. So that's a possibility for you, though you'd need a prescription from a doctor. (Don't go with pain meds, even prescription - these are more addicting, and they actually don't help as much. You want something that will relax those cramping parts.)

    Other thing that works, though accessibility may not work in your state - medical marijuana. Seriously. Marijuana tea is great for cramps, though it takes a while to help. These days, marijuana chemicals are being processed so that some stores have specific composites that target pain, or menstrual pain, or whatever. I used to just use whatever I could get from a friend, steep in boiling water, and sip slowly. Made me sleepy, but after the cramps it was a blessing. (Catnip tea helps some women, but it made me throw up even more. So did chamomile. Both can help with muscle relaxing, but they can also relax the stomach muscles to the point that you can't keep food down.) (And I hope SP doesn't edit this part out - marijuana is legal in WA state, and it would have been wonderful to go to a store as a young woman and buy something for the horrible pain, instead of having to buy it illegally.)

    I hope all of that helps and that you find something that gives you relief. It's horrible that what should be a normal and natural bodily function can backfire so horrendously for some of us.
    1141 days ago
    I say forgive yourself. Do what you can to control your eating but don't stress about it or beat yourself up.
    1142 days ago
  • BOSS61
    I suggest you go to the Doc and lay it all out.
    1142 days ago
    I understand completely. I'm older (65 this year) and have had many illnesses and conditions over the years. Most recently I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The symptoms, meds/treatments have been pretty brutal. But, like you, I don't want to fall into self pity. I do allow myself the occasional melt down, put a timer on it, apologize to my husband, and then get on. On the days when symptoms are bad, I do something like easy yoga, swim (when weather permits) and generally do fitness that keeps my mind in the game while being kind to my body. I also have had chronic kidney stones monthly for the past 5 years. Sometimes those make my usual walk/jogs difficult so I lower the intensity and duration (or do yoga or stretching) and reward myself for just attempting to stay on track.
    So, honor yourself and your body, do something small and achievable each day even if it is 10 minutes of stretching, chair exercises, easy walking, etc. and always look in the mirror and validate your awesomeness!!!!
    Sending you a hug today!!!
    1142 days ago
  • JENNY888
    I too have found that these challenges don't do much for me. It tends to make me break the healthy habits I have already established. I think picking one thing at a time and mastering it is much better for me as an individual and also making sure I still keep up the old habits.

    Reading about other things is alright. That gives me new ideas when I want to pick up a new habit.

    I like your idea of pinning healthy recipes and researching healthy alternatives when you are in pain.I always look for what I can do. Sometimes I will do walking for even five minutes when I am in pain. Sometimes the pain will become less and I know I can do more. Other times I know that is it for the day. And there are some days that I can't do even the five minutes. Then I do something else. Maybe it will just be a little arm exercises, etc.

    Sometimes you just have to rest and restore so you can do better in the future. I wish you the best of luck.
    1142 days ago
    You are Great! That is how one should do it. I have fibromyalgia and I come across many of these moment. What changed for me is the way I eat which helps, but I must forgive myself for being I'll. Good luck little lady.
    1142 days ago
  • C0UCH_P0TAT0
    I do forgive myself, sum times it takes awhile to get back on track. I was looking at the challenges last night, I chose to do the small things. Today I have to tell someone my goals. It seems simple enuf, I can't do the exercises but someday.
    1142 days ago
  • C0UCH_P0TAT0
    I hear you. I have fibromyalgia an it slows me down quite a bit sum days/weeks. The shame spiral is not new to me. Was about to take a trip on it yesterday cuz I was so amped to go for a walk w my kids but they had other plans then life happened.
    1142 days ago
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