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Back to Basics - 2017 Resolutions!

Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy New Year!

I am a little behind on posting my New Year's Resolutions - BUT, I have been *really* bad about keeping up with my Sparkpage/Sparkblog as well! For 2016 I didn't spend a lot of time visiting around here and when I started out last year I had decided that it would be the year of HAPPY. HAPPY it was for sure, I had a ton of happy moments and memories. No doubt BUT there were many ups and downs along the way that I did not anticipate and I struggled sometimes dealing with my feelings because it was tough to be HAPPY. I had lots of life changes in 2016 and after my 37th birthday in November, I finally decided to just go with this little roller coaster thang called life...

Anyhow, exactly what does this have to do with healthy living/lifestyle you ask? Well, my plans for healthy living were derailed with "stuff" going on in my life. Especially over the last 3 or 4 months or so my nutrition game has been anything but consistent. I did run as I had planned two marathons last year but I'm slower than I would like and my last one was kind of a joke based on my own lack of umph! And I want to change that! I had what I called the Evolution of Feelings this past year in which I realized I can do really hard things and instead of feeling disappointment about people and what I cannot change, I have to just roll with it and keep on, keeping on. I had good feelings and bad feelings about different situations but setting myself up for the year of Happy made me look at the bad things like it was devastating and the worst thing ever!

Okay - so back to healthy living right. I am starting the year off at a higher weight than I would like to be and more than I have weighed in about 3 years. Not a huge gain but a gain nonetheless due to poor eating habits and half-a$$ training runs. What I do know though is how to fix it...hence the title of Back to Basics. I know the *secret* and I know that I can do it if I follow a plan. No more of this willy, nilly, wishy, washy stuff! My only concern about delving in full steam is that I am so an "all or nothing" person. You see in the past when I was a super-duper athlete - okay, maybe not Serena but close ;) it was because I was ultra focused and probably ignoring things that I probably should have been paying attention to more so. It's all about balance y'all!

With this Back to Basics plan - after reading LIGHTNING RUNNER a long time Sparker, today I was inspired - I think that my plan should be a series of check ins about ALL aspects of my life. Life really is not all about exercise and yes a good nutrition plan is a good thing, but it is NOT the end all be all.

Well today is week 1/day 1 of my marathon training plan. I am looking to do the New Jersey Marathon on 4/30. I also started a 21 running plan from runeatrepeat blog to add a little extra umph to my training cycle. I am doing a conservative 16 week plan which I have done before. BUT what is different is I AM going to focus on stretching, foam rolling and strength this training cycle. This is so attainable because this plan is conservative so less miles = more time to take care of my body... I am going to focus on that. Also, I will go back to my weekly check ins during this training cycle. They are boring to write but awesome for comparison reasons and give me an excuse to log in here.

Yeah, it hasn't been great. However, as I last Tuesday I got my act together. Right now I am on the no sugar movement (sugar is my kryptonite) so it's no sugar for the month of January right now. Next week's challenge will be to eliminate meat. I am doing better now that I got my act in gear and already over the previous week I have had a loss. The sugar thing is big for me, if I could really manage that and only have it in moderation I would do alright.

Lots of changes last year! In the end it all shook out alright. This year I want to focus on focusing on my own group, developing my team, get my retention up and block out the noise. I let my job be too disruptive in other areas of my life or I try to control things that are out of my control or zone. I want to focus on displaying the positive and training my team.

Ah home, I am a bit in limbo right now when I speak of this particular area and where I will be. My home is good and so are my kids. However, this year I will be taking some pretty big steps to cohabitate with my boyfriend. Big step, I know, especially with kids. I am excited about this for obvious reasons as he is my favorite ;) but it's a logistical nightmare. We both have homes that we own and we both have kids that we love. So, it will be a process and a process in which my Evolution of Feelings "skills" will come into play for sure, multiple times in fact. With this type of uncertainty my only hope is to communicate, enjoy each step of the way and understand that "love is patient, love is kind" - yeah, I clearly got that quote from a motivational poster but seriously I need the patient aspect because it would seem like this is not a check in the box kind of goal. Honestly, I cannot even believe that I am sharing all of that :)

Another overshare moment...I want to go back to school. Online seems to be the best option for me right now. As of 2017 I requested the information and ordered my transcripts. I want this to happen this year for sure! And I'm excited for this I just want to figure out how this will balance in as well. In addition to the "self care" aspect, I want to take more time off this year from work to really enjoy myself. I have so much vacation time and I barely use it. Not this year, this year I am taking some much needed time to do me.

Well that's it! A little different than my typical New Year's posts but I am excited to make 2017 the BEST year yet!
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    Have fun achieving goals.
    1475 days ago
    WOW you have a lot going to happen in 2017 for you - you know I am in your corner cheering for you.
    1476 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    I am sooooo happy your back :) You have set some great goals for 2017. Can't wait to see how it all goes for you emoticon
    1477 days ago
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