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The Comfort of a Comforter

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

During this holiday we had a full house one night which required getting out some extra blankets from the plastic storage bags in the closet.

After everyone left I was preparing to pack things away when suddenly this triggered some memories.

Yeah, I must be very nostalgic to reminisce over a blanket. It's a 60 year old quilt on a 60 year old bed.

Neither are heirlooms.
The comforter/quilt/coverlet/blank
et was "store bought" with the stitching all done by machine. The bed was originally "blond" wood. The "bookcase" headboard was popular in the 1950s.

My Dad bought both for me on my 10th birthday. He had finally saved enough money from working multiple jobs to buy a 2 family house in Brooklyn. I would have my own room.

Until then I slept on a "studio couch" behind the washing machine in the alcove off the kitchen of our 3 room apartment.

I was better off than most since I was an only child which was an oddity itself in the baby boom era. Our downstairs neighbors had 4 girls sleeping on dual bunk beds in the same space.

Dad worked as a welder during the week 8-4. At night he was a typist for a mail order firm and was a temp worker at the Post Office during the holidays.

He also had a "Peddler's License" which allowed him to buy dry goods wholesale. He never had a sidewalk stand or cart, but sold to co-workers and neighbors at a modest markup and he let them buy on credit. That made him very popular.

My quilt was bought "wholesale."

When DH & I married ten years later, a few weeks before my 20th birthday, we furnished our apartment in "Early Marriage" taking hand-me-downs from anybody who offered. Dad suggested we take the bed. I used an "antiquing kit" on the blond wood.

For 25 years Joe and I slept on that "DOUBLE" bed. It wasn't even Queen size. Finally, we didn't fit on it very well anymore. My old bed was moved to a guest room. The children had all left home by then and we opted for something KING size.

Note, it didn't occur to either of us that maybe we should lose some weight. No, we just bought a much bigger bed.

I think about Dad a lot this time of year. He died on Dec 20, 1997. The memories and the comforter are comforting.

One more thing:
Our oldest grandson was looking through some albums. Here he was 7 months old visiting us in 1995.

Look at that! There's Dad's wholesale quilt.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awww!! Sniff sniff! emoticon

    My mom has that same blonde wood "full size" or "double size" headboard down in her basement. I think we got it as a handmedown from somewhere - as I don't remember having the headboard when we were kids. My sister and I started out on bunk beds and later my brother and sister shared one bunk while I had the other top (they were "Irish Twins" only 12 months 2 days apart, and sister was always small for her size even for being the largest baby). It's possible it came from my step-dad's side of the family so I don't know who "gets to keep it" after my mom passes on.

    1062 days ago
    Lovely memories... you stirred some for me too. My Dad passed away on Dec. 20, 2001, so I can relate to your reflecting on pleasant childhood memories at this time. Sometimes it's hard to shake the blues at this time of year but you have reminded me to fondly remember the good times to chase the blues away.
    1064 days ago
    Sweet memories: comforting indeed! You were loved.
    1067 days ago
    What a nice set of memories.
    1067 days ago
    Nice! I had to let go of much of the furniture and linens that followed me thru life. You are amazing to me how you have things, like your Christmas tree, from so many years ago and everything is like brand new! good for you! WATERMELLEN and you have a lot in common besides maintenance!
    1067 days ago
    My folks had a very similar blond shelf/headboard for their double sized bed, they would have gotten that in the mid '50s. It was in use in our home for many decades. Rather than quilted, we had the chenille bedspreads that were sold by the side of the road in the south from the mid 40's to the late 50's. I still remember my childhood one, yellow, orange & white with daffodils and rabbits. Such sweet memories. See, this is why I think we need to be very careful when "decluttering" our homes and possessions. You might not need all those extra blankets & quilts very often, but when you do, you do, and they are doubly precious because they carry such special, poignant family memories, which by their use are connected to the newer generations of the family. I love the continuity seen in the photo of your grandson on your heirloom (yes, it most assuredly is!) quilt. Thank you so much for posting and reminding me again how precious family memories can be!
    1069 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    oh, what a beautiful story! I am so glad you have such precious memories to look back on!
    The struggles that we endured as kids coming from backgrounds that did not afford us a lot of luxuries made us into the people we are today. I am thankful for having the childhood that I did because it really taught me the value of money and hard work! Thanks for sharing your story. Your dad is smiling down upon you!
    1069 days ago
    i had one of those bookshelf headboards from the 50s too! nice blog, sweet memories...
    1072 days ago
    Great memories! Thanks for sharing them with us,
    1072 days ago
    Lovely memories for you to share! Thank you :)
    God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
    1073 days ago
    Love this nostalgic blog :)

    Tough times make us appreciate what we have and think of others a lot more :)

    The bed could be around for another 60 years :)
    1073 days ago
    Yep, memories, wrapped up in things that might otherwise be "mundane". I have a hand towel that was the last Christmas gift my grandmother ever gave me, the year before she passed. I still have it, even though it matches NOTHING else in my home. And I still think fondly of Grandma every time I use it.

    1073 days ago
    Nostalgia for home items is nice. I have items in my kitchen, some from the 70s, that I took with me when I moved out from my parents' home. They weren't missed but boy, I still need them. And I remember things like, Gee, my mom use to drain our spaghetti in that plastic colander. Or, how much newer and fresher that wooden cutting board looked when it was brand new! I believe it may be oak or ebony.


    1073 days ago
    I love to walk down memory lane
    1073 days ago
  • KNH771
    It is amazing how objects bring back memories!
    1073 days ago
    What a sweet blog! I have a very similar blanket that I bought on ebay years ago. I fell in love with the roses on it. I also had a bookcase headboard back in the 60's...ah, memories! It was such a practical headboard for a reader!!
    1073 days ago
  • NEWNAME20182019
    This was sweet. Thank you for sharing emoticon
    1073 days ago
    Memories are lifes' pages. This is a really nice one.
    1073 days ago
    What a wonderful item to have and cherish even this many years later. What a nice story. Thank you for sharing.
    1073 days ago
    I still have quilts that my parents used on their bed from c.1955 to 2011. They're in our French house and regularly used and adored by my daughter when she comes over. They just don't make them like they used to!
    Lovely memories for you...
    1073 days ago
    My dad has a bed like that that he made for me and later my half brother used it. I inherited quilts from my great aunt, grandma, mom and I love them. I was an only child too by most of my friends did not come from big families either. Every generation of our family seemed to have less children.
    1073 days ago
  • DR1939
    Lovely memories. I had a similar bed.
    1073 days ago
    What a beautiful story. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

    My husband and I had that almost identical bed! Our first place was a mishmash of hand-me-downs, but it was ours. We kept the clock radio in the spot where you have the tissue box. Great memories!
    1073 days ago
    Beautiful memories!
    1073 days ago
    sweet memories
    1073 days ago
    What sweet memories!!! And what a wonderful dad you had, making your tenth birthday so special for you! It's like getting your first "big girl bed" isn't it??

    Plus I'm amazed that the comforter fabric is still holding up!!!!
    1073 days ago
  • GRACED777
    I too recognize that headboard because I had one like it. You have some very good old memories that remind me of some I have.The old song should add a verse: Make new friends/memories, but keep the old--one is silver and the other gold!
    1073 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    What great memories! Thank you for sharing them in such a loving way. I had a bed exactly like this in my bedroom since I was about 10 years old also until I had to sell my parents' home after the passed on.
    1073 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Sweet memories. They are a good foundation for us as we mature and make me more grateful over time for my parents and grandparents.
    1073 days ago
    Oh, what sweet memories! Thank you for sharing them.
    1073 days ago
    Beautiful blog. Touching. Got a laugh out of the bigger bed instead of diet change although I suspect bigger beds are more comfy no matter your size!
    1073 days ago
    Absolutely beautiful and I love your picture on the quilt is lovely.
    What sweet memories ...... emoticon
    1073 days ago
    What lovely memories--no wonder you waxed nostalgic.
    1073 days ago
    Great memories
    1073 days ago
  • NUMD97
    It IS an heirloom, B_B. I totally get this. Even though store bought, and machine stitched. My mother, too, had bought a new comforter, still not used, and still in the original store-bought plastic zippered bag. Nothing special about it, in and of itself, except that she bought it, meaning it for guests. I cannot bring myself to take it out of the bag. My sister tells me that I am wrong. Probably. But I still cannot do it.

    Funny, how memory (and its links), does quirky things to our actions (or inactions).
    1073 days ago
    Awwwww. And love the pic!
    1073 days ago
    What a lovely way to reminisce about your dad's hard work to provide for his family. Obviously, loving you was not just lip service for him! Enjoy your memories!
    1073 days ago
    What great memories - we used to have a "studio couch" too.
    1073 days ago
    1073 days ago
    Very heartwarming. I love stumbling upon things that bring up good memories.
    1073 days ago
    1073 days ago
    Very sweet.
    1073 days ago
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