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Running (and Training) to fight the Zombies!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

I enjoy working out possibly more than the average person. But I have to admit, I do sometimes feel routine gets stale. So, today, I created my exercise plan based on a story I created - to keep it fun.

And, me being me, it was about surviving a Zombie outbreak. I have to train to help protect my people!


It was a day like most others. Lonely, dreary, and merely about surviving. Sneaking around the path, I suddenly heard the sound of movement behind me. I tensed, but before spinning to blindly attack, my mind snapped with the realization that there was not the usual stench of undead, no groaning, and I hadn't heard the distinct sound of shuffl-dragging steps through the fallen leaves. Curious, I turn around, and see another woman approaching cautiously. She tells me of a place that is recruiting survivors.

More people? Community strength? I am intrigued. People can be dangerous, but people can also be life-saving. I agree to check out the compound. And when I get there, I am impressed. What a bustling, well-run machine it appears to be! It will not be easy to prove that I am worth keeping around, but I grit my teeth, vowing silently to do everything I can to contribute, prove my worth, and see if there is a place for me while I check it out.

So in the morning, to help calm my nerves yet remind myself that I need to stay strong, powerful, and focused, I wake up with an intense session of Power Yoga.


Feeling limbered up, I grab a small snack, and I volunteer to do a supply run.


I started at a brisk pace, feeling good and revitalized at the prospect of finding a community to work with. Jogging smoothly, I head to the coastal edge – I heard rumors of supply ships that had be abandoned before. This will make it a high-target area, but also a high reward area if I am lucky. I quickly squat down as I approach, sneaking along in a crouch as I peer past the dilapidated fences towards the places where drops were expected.


All appears quiet. So far, so good. It does appear a small carrier speed boat was docked, but it looks abandoned and ransacked. If I'm lucky, there still may be something of use there. Staying low to get through the scrub, I commando-crawl closer. Who knows if snipers are lurking nearby.


Approaching the boat, I still don't see or sense any living or undead things around. There are a mess of footprints around, and it appears there had been quite a group and possibly a scuffle. But a lot of the prints have been dusted over by wind and time. The boat, of course, has been mostly searched and appears empty. About to give up, I see a small glint in a corner – a pocket knife. It is nothing fantastic, but every piece of supplies can help. I tuck it in my bag and head back. I then begin to try to strip the electronics – looking for a battery, radio, anything! I check the motor – there just may be some gasoline! I grab my handy siphoning tube, and manage to remove what appears to be a few cups into one of the containers in my pack.


I'm so focused on not inhaling the precious gasoline that I don't hear that tell-tale shuffle of the undead behind me, until the smell mingles with the tang of the gas and I can tell which is making me gag. But I turn around and see the shadow of the rotten looming above. With a quick kick, I try to shove him back!


But he instead doubles over and falls on top of me, flattening me to the ground, face in the dirt. With the adrenaline coursing through me, I push up with all my might, throwing him off!


I dash over and end his undead life quickly with a stomp of my boot to his eroded skull.


If there's one, there are likely more. I glance around, and try to finish my work with the boat. What I have is not much, but it will have to do for now. I head back, thinking of other locations I can check on a future run. After the 3 miles, I make my way back to the compound, hoping I have done enough to have Found Sanctuary with this new group.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon
    1217 days ago
    thanks! It's a good week-long workout challenge if you don't want to do it all at once. Do yoga one day, jog one day, then do the other bodyweight moves a third day :)
    1247 days ago
    I am so taken aback by this Kate! Its something that I do not think anyone has ever done and the storyline can keep going. Love it. emoticon
    1247 days ago
    hahaha, KOOLPOP, they would eat the slowest! Zombies hate fast food! Not sure how that plays into NOT losing weight -- I'd think as we lose weight 1) less mass to move, so we can move faster, and 2) Probably got to the lower weight by including cardio work which is good training to outpace the Zoms!
    1248 days ago
    Wow this is heaps of fun. My son's tell me not to lose too much weight because zombies eat the slowest first??.
    1249 days ago
    It made it so much more fun for me :) I'm planning to write up a full story line and maybe have some facebook friends complete it with me. I'll dabble with my own story lines for now, but I see a full month of stories and challenges prepared for, maybe, March? I'm excited!
    1249 days ago
    Wow this is actually really cool ?? never thought of exercising like this
    1249 days ago
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