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5 Billion SparkPoints! Our Cumulative Effort Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

At 11:52 pm last night the counter reached that milestone.

No, I didn't stay up to watch it. Something jarred me awake at 11:40 and I decided to see how accurate my prediction had been.

The cumulative points of the tracker represent the efforts of like-minded people all over the world.

It feels good to be part of something larger than yourself.
I wonder what all those sparkers are doing right now?

The screen capture I did last night documents the moment.
My points contributed to that total.

No, I do not participate in Spark activities just to gain points. In fact, most of yesterday's points resulted from very generous wheel spins, a rare occurrence for me

I like data. Data keeps me knowledgeable and accountable.

I login to Spark every morning for my daily dose of motivation and the points are a record that I've been here, doing something toward my goal of a healthy lifestyle.

I check in with teams and friends to see how things are going.
I read and comment on blogs
Sometimes, I write a blog myself.
I play trivia to test my knowledge.
Perhaps an article catches my interest

I plan my food for the day in the tracker MOST of the time.
I weigh myself every morning, but after 7 years of maintenance, my digitized brain predicts quite well how many calories I consume. Fluctuations in weight only bother me if the trend is only up, never down. Then I'm back to SERIOUS tracking.

Then I go out for a run or a walk or a run/walk.
Spark reminds me not to neglect strength training, flexibility or balance exercises either.
I record my fitness minutes once I've actually done them.

Looking at the graphic again I see that I have been "active" on spark for 2,678 days.
I never noticed that before. That's over 7 years! That's how long I've been in maintenance.

Is there a connection? I think so, at least for me.
One thing I've learned is that NO ONE is immune to regain. It takes vigilance.

So I will stay right here.

One more prediction:
At the current rate, the SparkPoints tally will reach 6 Billion on Jan 20, 2019.

McDonalds counts billions of hamburgers sold.. Sparkers can count billions of points.
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