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Thank You - 800 cal Blood Sugar Diet

Saturday, December 10, 2016

First can I say I have no connection with the following reference to diet sites etc except that I am following the Blood Sugar Diet. I am not selling anything and nothing linked to this has any cost implications. It is all free.

I started this diet on 28th June 2016 as an experiment. I had read about a Professor Roy Taylor who discovered if his diabetic patients had a major stomach reduction operation (either a gastric band or removal of part of the stomach) they could not eat normal food so he devised a high protein low carbohydrate liquid diet. These people lost weight very fast as expected, but then he noticed the unexpected. A lot of these people were diabetics and along with the weight loss came a reduction in their diabetic markers. Some people say, well so what, if you lose a lot of weight you are bound to improve your diabetes. However, no one before had found a diet that actually eliminated diabetes, some being diabetes free within 8 weeks.

From this, Dr Michael Mosley, looking for treatment for his own diabetes, came across the work of Professor Taylor and discussed the basis of the diet with him. It appeared that there were two important aspects, 1, the weight loss had to be quick to shock the pancreas into restarting its insulin production, and, 2. the eating of no simple, starchy foods was allowed. Hence was born the 800 calorie Blood Sugar Diet. 800 calories being the least amount of calories possible without medical supervision.

When I discovered this diet my first thought was, if I eat only 800 calories I will go into a coma, I will collapse or get shaky, I will not be able to stick to it as I will have to eat something every time I get hypo symptoms. The second thing I thought was, what on earth can I have if I am only allowed 800 calories.

I bought the book (at only £3,95 or $7 worth the risk) and found out all about the diet, what I can and cant eat, how I stay full, what to do if I feel shaky without stuffing my face with a sandwich or sugar to counteract it. Then I found this lovely community on Dr Mosley's website called www.thebloodsugardiet.com where there is all the support you need from people who are doing this diet and have lots of experience, like me now.

I keep myself full by allowing myself proteins and fat in my diet. Lean protein like eggs, chicken, fish, and good fats like olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. But everyone needs carbohydrate, yes. Well yes they do but not from starchy foods, not from bread or potato chips or rice and pasta. I find my carbs in fruit and veg and, again, nuts and seeds.

I have gone from a morning blood glucose reading of 190 to my test this morning at 80. Not only that but during that reduction I have also been able to reduce the amount of insulin I am using 38 units daily to 22 units. So not only have my blood sugars dropped but so has my need for medication. My HbA1c test just before starting the diet was 8.2, my next was 6.7 and my last one just over 2 weeks ago was 5.9. I have also stopped taking my oral meds of glyclizide by 50%. I hope at my next official test I will be 5.5 but with less insulin. I have also gone from 8mm needles to 4mm so much less tissue damage and bruising and pain,

What about my weight, this is called a 'diet', well I have lost just over 18 lbs in 5 months and there have been ups and downs like holidays etc when I have eaten more than 800 calories but have never gone away from the low carb programme. To me, this is not a diet it is now my life. I am not in any hurry here, I have had diabetes for 12 years in January so don't expect it to disappear over a few weeks. My aim is to be totally medication free within the next 12 months and I am already well on my way to achieving that.

I am currently following a free online course called The Diabetes Epidemic at an organisation called FutureLearn.com and even after 12 years with this condition I am learning more and more. I am also learning that the diet I am following is now being recognised by the medical profession the world over. Anyone can sign up to this 2 week course, there are people from America, Australia, Philippines, Japan, everywhere, and a lot of them are medical people so they too are learning about this diet.

Therefore, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to Professor Roy Taylor for discovering this way of eating and then to Dr Michael Mosley for bringing it to the attention of the general diabetic community. I do hope anyone reading this will take a look at the links and, if they have diabetes, seriously think about trying it out. Even if you just cut out the amount of carbohydrates you could be saving yourself from a lot of future diabetic problems.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog. I too was unconvinced by the 800 calories, but we haven’t been hungry thus far.
    Go you!
    847 days ago
    If you read my blog, the 800 calories diet from the beginning it gives more detail as to how I started what I ate, how I felt etc etc. look on my page at blogs around end of June. So glad you found it informative, there are still a lot of people who say it is rubbish but more and more medical people are looking at it again. My doctor gave me a patronising smile when I told him about it, now 5 months on 18lbs down, and almost normal blood glucose, he is asking me for more details.
    1548 days ago
    This is a very valuable blog and I am going to forward the info to a friend who has diabetes. Thank you. I'm also going to check it out further. I don't have diabetes, but it sounds like a sound way to lose lbs.
    1548 days ago
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