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Minutes Needed to Burn Off ONE Chocolate Chip Cookie

Friday, December 09, 2016

Yes, tis the season when cookies are everywhere
Yes, people tend to overindulge
No, I rarely stop at just one, although I admire those who can just "have a taste"
No, my active lifestyle and love of fitness activities will NOT allow me to balance an overindulgence of food. Not easily.

So, my data driven mind calculated the title of this blog.
Calories Burned vs Time and Effort Needed

My medium size chocolate chip cookie contains 105 calories.
My calories burned are based on 135 pounds

To burn off that 105 calories (one cookie), here are my options

I can walk (a favorite activity)
3.0 mph (20 min mile) - I need 31 minutes to balance ONE cookie
3.8 mph (16 min mile) - I need 26 minutes
My pace of choice?
4.0 mph (15 min mile) - I need 24.4 minutes
Maybe I should push harder?
4.3 mph (14 min mile) - I need 23.3 minutes (Push and save 1 whole minute?)
My max walking pace?
4.6 mph (13 min mile) - 21.9 minutes - Yikes!
If I could keep it up, it would not be a pleasant walk.

I like to run too. Let's calculate that.
5.5 mph (11 min mile) - Oh, that's 12 minutes to balance ONE cookie.
Hmm, an easy run takes half the time as my near max walking pace.
It must be the effort to haul my rear end off the ground.
6.0 mph (10 min mile) - I still need 11 minutes
My max running pace?
6.7 mph (9 min mile) - 9 minutes of this needed, but this is my "anti mugger speed" something I only do in interval training.

Well, maybe I have a LOT of muscle which burns more calories than fat, right?
According to WebMd
"10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories"
Is that all??

So much for that excuse I used to tell myself in my pre-Spark overeating days.

So what have I learned?
What I knew all along! I can NOT outrun my fork (or finger food either)

Thanks to Watermellen whose recent blog prompted my thoughts and calculations
The Most Important Exercise

Also, if I'm typing, I'm not eating!
Don't want to get crumbs on the keyboard!
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