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800 calorie Blood Sugar Diet - latest HBA1c results

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Seems like a long time since I last posted a blog and I have just been reading through my last one in September 2016. I was surprised at how unsure of everything I was. Was this diet really working, would my diabetes improve, I even talked about taking a break from it but was unable to revert back to my old way of eating.

It is now 5 months since I started. I continue to follow the 800 calories as I do not feel I am ready to leave the healing processes behind yet. The next step would be 5:2 or Mediterranean which is what I do now but with more calories. I still have some weight to lose and 800 calories is my norm now. I also try to limit myself to 50 grams of carbohydrate and only ever eat complex carbs. I have not eaten a potato, any rice or pasta or bread and definitely not had any breakfast cereals or sugars. I don't even eat sweet fruits.

My carbohydrates come from mainly vegetable sources, nuts and seeds. I keep my proteins up for muscle protection and gain a fullness by incorporating good fats like olive oil, avocado and again nuts and seeds. Along with the traditionally recognised good fats I am allowed full fat products like yoghurt, cheese and even butter. The science of this being that anything that claims to be 'low fat' or 'low sugar' has had something else added, usually chemicals or in the case of low fat, sugars and cereals.

Over the months I have been following this regime I have noticed more and more TV programmes on the subject as well as more and more evidence based trials taking place with the same results as Prof. Roy Taylor and Dr Michael Mosley. Any search of the internet for 'reversing diabetes' will bring up any number of interviews etc. The internet site I follow called The Blood Sugar Diet has many people who have done this diet, just like me, as a lifestyle choice (as in not part of an official trial) and have had their diabetes reversed and are being taken off the diabetic register by their doctors.

This is an update because I have had a further HBA1c blood test, which shows the sugar levels in the blood over a 12 week period.

Starting HBA1c Pre-diet in Feb was 8.2
Next HBA1c also Pre-diet in May was 8.2 - after trying my hardest to reduce this with a low fat high carb diet - as recommended by a nutritionist.
HBA1c six weeks into the diet (August) 6.7
HBA1c last week 5.9

This indicates am improvement from the blood sugar diet which I did not achieve on the medically recommended diet.

All other health markers also show an improvement with results in August showing total cholesterol down from 4.1 to 3.7, triglycerides down from 1.50 to 1.21 and blood pressure down from 140 / 80 to 130 / 70.

Finally, the weight loss. This has been slow but steady and I have now lost 18lbs. This is not a massive loss but it is the most I have ever lost, looking back when I joined SP and have been on a diet forever. Some people show greater losses on this plan but usually have a lot more to lose than me. I probably only had 3 stone to lose so I am half way there. Also, I have had several weeks when, although sticking to the low carb principle I have had more calories whilst having people visiting us throughout the summer and 2 holidays totalling 3 weeks. One holiday travelling around, eating out every lunchtime and evening and staying with family who did not understand the concept of low carb and happily fed me fish and chips..... Hey ho.

I am seeing my doctor on Monday 5th December but did not wait for this appointment to post my results as I am sure he will be very happy with me. I will do another blog is there is any significant news from that appointment, although it should just be routine for now. I continue to adjust my own medications and have gone from 3 x 30gm gliclazide to 2 x 30gm and have reduced my daily insulin from 38 units to 24 units. My current blood glucose of 5.9 would be considered non-diabetic if I were not helping it along with medication. My next big goal is to come off insulin completely maybe be a diet controlled diabetic. Reaching a point where I can be declared 'cured' is still a long way off for me due to the long duration of my illness i.e. 11 years.

What have I really learnt from this experiment is that the traditional belief that diabetes is a chronic live-time lasting progressive illness needing more and more drugs to control it and its side effects is a thing of the past and no longer holds true for those of us who are taking are health care into our own hands.

I have Christmas to get through yet so that is my next mini goal, enjoy the celebrations without causing any damage to my health. Good health to all of you.
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    572 days ago
    Thank you for all your kind words. LCARDOZZA, why do we eat at any tine when we are not hungry. Boredom is one reason, habit is another. Are you diabetic, because we need a small snack before bed to avoid the Dawn Phenonomen (blood sugar spike in the early hours). If you know you want to snack at night be prepared and have a healthy alternative. On my diet I am not allowed any bread or cereal so do not go for a sandwich or a bowl of breakfast flakes. I tend to have some protein, say a boiled egg (pre prepared waiting in the fridge) or some cold meat on a rye cracker. If your hand dips into the crisp packed try having a few nuts instead but just a few as they are high in calories but full of goodness. Another alternative is a bowl of porridge with almond milk for sweetness.

    Hope that helps. Just be prepared. Should have said, if you are American you might not understand crisps, I think you call the potato chips.
    1285 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/27/2016 5:40:58 AM
    Way to go!
    1286 days ago
    1286 days ago
    Would you have any knowledge on why a person can control their eating habits throughout the day, but sabotage all that hard work close to bed time?
    1286 days ago
    You go, girl!
    1286 days ago
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