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That is not how I want to age

Friday, September 16, 2016

Last July I was sitting in my dad's hospital room, helping him recover from carotid surgery after a series of small strokes. I had recently been walking with my mom and seeing her (and hearing her) get winded after a short walk. They're both 76. I'm 54. And I thought that is not how I want to age.

I called my trainer. We started weekly workouts for strength training. And I activated my old Easy 5K Jeff Galloway app on my phone. On Aug. 1, I started running - well, walk/running.

Today I finished the prep for a "mock" 5K on Sunday - seven weeks later I'm ready for a 5K. Jeff congratulates people at this point, and when he said, "You have accomplished what most people only think about," I just broke down and cried right there on the bike trail.

This has been somewhat of a tough year. The weather has made it hard to ever be caught up on farming. I'm already behind on grading this semester due to glitches in my course software. And I feel I'm never doing enough for our parents.

But today, I reach a goal. Today I did something I set out to do. And right now I'm .9 pounds away from being below 200 pounds, and it's a much tighter and fitter 200 than it was on the way up. So I hope in a week or two I hit another goal.

I'm just going to enjoy this day, no matter what else happens. I'm sparking!
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