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Friday, August 19, 2016

Just some nice flowers for today.

Reminder: Weight loss is rarely linear and it often follows an unsatisfying pattern.

Are we not reminded of this more than we care to be?
I really don't care for that quote. It rings true.

Linear weight loss would be so boring.

I have lost 2 lb. this past week. Of that I am happy.

There are so many methods. I feel that I know them all, but really there are just more and more.
Always a new idea, always a fad diet.
Too much information.
Throws a person off course.

I am refusing to count or weigh or measure anything.
Instead I will be mindful.
I know enough!

I said I wouldn't even weigh and use my clothing fit instead. Well I couldn't help it.
I really wanted to know.

You know my scale lies, don't you?
If it has been sitting in the cabinet for a long time, the first time I step on it, it will give me a wonky high reading.

My heart skips a beat,


Then I get off and let it go back to sleep and get on it again.
Then I get a correct reading.

Is it really worth it?

What about mood, feeling good, having some self esteem and not feeling deprived?
What about health and activity?
What about having a life?

On Wednesday, my time after work got all out of balance.
Hubby went to a big meeting of Town Board members in our whole County.
That left me with all the farm animal chores.
Holding one of the boarder's horses for her farrier, because she has a 1 week old baby.
The farrier was very late.
My Sis was supposed to come out to pick up eggs which she sells where she works (where I work, so many people have chickens that you can't sell an egg to save your soul). She was supposed to come out around 8:00. I got in the house finally at around 7:30. Still hadn't had supper.
I called up Sis and asked if she would meet me at the Culvers in town? I had nothing left, energy wise, to allow me to cook for myself. Fine, she'll meet me there.

I went in and ordered my meal, then went to the table she and her hubby were already sitting at.
She was writing on a little notebook and had a calculator out.
I asked "are you figuring out the amount for the egg check?"
She said "no, figuring points so I know what I am going to order".
I said "are you doing points again?"
She has been going to WW for years, was at her goal once a couple years ago, gained it back, but has continued going to meetings, because of her friends there. Now is renewing her resolve to lose the weight again.

Good for her, more power to her.

I think, She thinks the thing I am doing now is ridiculo!

I told her I lost 2 lb.
Blank stare!
But I told her I am not going to weigh now until I feel some loose clothes.
We'll see!
I am trusting.

I'll share soon. Like when I am confident that the thing (its not a plan or a drug or a supplement) is for sure working for me.
It is right in front of most people's nose.


Be Well My Friends,
For The Love Of Health.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good blog.
    Thanks for sharing!
    1424 days ago
    That's why different things work for different people (what's that saying, different strokes for different folks). We're all unique. What you're doing is working and hopefully what you sis is doing works for her, too.

    1424 days ago
    1425 days ago
    I do the same thing sometines. Weigh when the clothesline get loose
    1425 days ago
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