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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

past tense: hydrated; past participle: hydrated
cause to absorb water.
combine chemically with water molecules.

I know that I don't drink enough water, most days.
On top of that I have been sweating in this hot, humid weather we have been having.

Most of you who follow my blogs know that I have been having several injury problems this summer. I'm working with Physical Therapy, Chiropractor and Acupuncture to try to get things right again.

Last Thursday I was in to the acupuncture Doctor.
She had me go over how everything has been going.
I told her about how when I get to bed at night within a few minutes I start having severe pain in my hips and legs. Severe enough that it is difficult to just lay still and it keeps me awake.
She asked where the pain is and I said not the joints, really it is all over in the muscles and I seem to feel nerves to like sciatic nerve.
She is a Chinese woman of few words. She just said "you are dehydrated".
Hmmm? Really?

I thought on that and wondered how can that be? I drink water.
But I guess I have to get real about that. Probably not enough.

I applied myself to drinking water on Friday and on Saturday. No pain in bed.
Sunday we went and helped our son paint his new condo. It is hard to keep watering yourself while you are painting; up on ladders, crawling around on the floor etc.
Plus I was sweating quite a bit again.
Sunday night was horrible.
I took Ibuprofen an hour or so before going to bed. The Ibuprofen should have kicked in by the time I got to bed.
I finally got up and filled a 32 oz. water glass that I have and drank most of that. Then I went back to bed.
While I was sitting on the couch drinking the water, I was thinking how I'd have to get up to potty during the night and I didn't like that idea, especially if I got into a good sleep.

I went right to sleep and I never had to get up during the night.
I must have been really dehydrated if I soaked all that water into my cells.

I was telling the Physical Therapist about this on Monday (yesterday) and she said when people tend to be very busy doing things, they can block out that kind of pain. Once you are in bed, you finally listen to your body. For me, all He!! breaks loose.

This is a new phenomena for me.
As we age does hydration become that much more important?
or are my injuries which I am healing, taking that much more water?
I am taking a Chinese herb that is good for healing muscles.
Does that herb use up a vast amount of water?

I have questions.
I think I need to call the acupuncture doctor. She is right.

Drink your water


Stay Well My Friends,
For The Love Of Health!
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