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Friday, August 12, 2016

I can confess that I may be a person who could be on the top 10 list having been on the most diet plans.
I may have confessed that before.

3 plans worked for me in the distant past.

1. Weight Watchers, but I never got to goal. I got within 8 lbs of goal and I was all used up. No more counting, no more logging. Used Up! They also changed their plan when I was very near to goal. I messed around with their new plan (Momentum plan with WW PP)and gained some pounds back. Then I never could lose again. Probably just an excuse.
2. Jenny Craig before they took away the Ephedra. I lost like crazy on their old plan. 2 pounds per week without fail. I reached goal and kept it off for 5 years. Then I tore my achilles tendon and it took 18 months o get a correct diagnosis and then it was slow healing and physical therapy to correct it.. That was a bad deal there. I gained weight back plus some. It was expensive but the diet was no-brainer weight loss.
I rejoined JC not too many years ago. No Ephedra on their plan anymore but I was losing pretty well. The counselor who I met with, made a statement to me one time that seemed to affect my whole psyche. As we were checking me out, at the point where I was pretty close to goal weight she told me that I am a "rock star". Now I don't know for certain that was the cause, but I stopped losing weight. I somehow lost the drive to stick with it. So strange. I don't know what happened there
3. South Beach Diet. The first time I did this, independently, there's no club to go to, it was a great success. I loved the food that I made myself. I even bought an additional recipe book for more great recipes. The food cost a lot. Their is emphasis on fish and seafood. Once I hit the maintenance phase, I lost focus. It was hard to eat that way in my normal everyday life. I gained maybe 20 of the 50 I lost, back. But I did learn a few things from that book.

I have been fumbling around several years, trying to find my way.

Even though the 3, of many plans, I just shared were successful in that I did lose weight on them, they were just not sustainable for me.

I NEED sustainable!

I need a no-brainer diet
I need food I like
I need normal food like everyone else is eating
I need to not have to count and weigh everything
I need to not worry about the scale
I need to relax and have fun
My brain needs a rest from constantly thinking about diet food and weight and recipes and what I weigh and deprivation and the constant hammering!

I have a life!

So I am doing it.
I found a new way and I don't even know if it is going to work, so I am being pretty quiet about what it is. But if it is successful, I'll definitely share.

I have wrote so many times, in this blog, that I am trying a new thing and divulge right away.
This time is definitely different. I just need a place to let off the excitedness I am feeling.

Be Well My Friends,
For The Love Of Health!
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