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Challenge: Me, Me, Me

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It has been so long since I've done any kind of fitness challenge, and I think it's time. I did a one-week long, anti-refined sugar challenge, and that went really well. Until I started eating sugar again, though in less quantities, but I definitely don't feel as good as I did when I was avoiding refined sugar like the plague.

So here's my challenge:

One month.

Less than 12 grams of refined sugar per day (That's just 3 measly teaspoons, and since food companies haven't yet began labeling what sugar has been ADDED as opposed to what's just natural sugar, I'm going to say that all the sugar on the box is added even if some of it is, in fact, natural.)

10,000 steps per day (This is obviously one part of my month-long fitness goal. I average about 5000 steps per day, and that totally sucks.)

Weekday morning yoga (While my husband is in the shower, I plan on rolling out of bed, rolling out the yoga mat, and doing some sun salutations, balance poses, and moves that will help stretch my hamstrings and hip flexors -- my weakest spots.)

And that's it. That's my amazing, comprehensive plan. I wanted to do something before school starts up again so that way I can get out of my slug routine. When I feel good about myself, it always trickles into other aspects of my life. Like, suddenly my job isn't so taxing or stressful after all. And the dogs don't get on my nerves as much. And I'm ready and willing to go for a walk around the neighborhood. And I cook more and cook smarter (i.e., healthier). The trickle down effect is the best part!
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