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800 calorie blood sugar diet - Day 2

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Can I be clear here, I am not recommending this diet I am just trying it and reporting on how I get on. I have seen my doctor and will be seeing him again in 6 weeks. I will monitor myself regularly. If you want to follow such a strict diet you should talk to your doctor. Also my husband is going to keep a close eye on me for any signs of hypo. If you want to know more detail please read my blog '800 calorie blood sugar diet - Day 1' where I go into a bit of detail about it.


Fasting blood glucose 120 (189 Sunday,185 Monday, 157 Tuesday)
Weight not measured today
Waist measurement 41 inches (down from 44 inches in 1 day)
Insulin given last night 37 units - kept it the same as I decided too early to reduce
Calories yesterday: 800

Husband has just brought in the promotions catalogue for the supermarket this week and read out that it is American week. Boxes of burgers, snacks etc. Just had to tell him that was insensitive of him at this time. Like putting champagne in the fridge last night.

Breakfast: Strawberries, green tea and Greek yogurt Smoothie - 100 calories - as well as green tea and a glass of water with lemon juice 0 calories

Been finding out more about the diet. It was developed by doctors to feed overweight diabetics who had undergone bariatric surgery (gastric band etc) as a 600 calories liquid diet. Then it was tried on o/w diabetics without gastric surgery and under medical supervision again at 600 calories. Both times the desired results were found. However, it was decided that 600 calories was too low for people going about normal daily lives rather than being in a hospital bed, so they tried it at 800 calories. And there we have it. The aims are to reduce belly fat, reduce the fat around the liver and pancreas, shock the pancreas to start working (that is the theory) and therefore reduce or reverse diabetes. This is the unbelievable part, this is what I want to test out.

Lunch: Ploughman's - in case you don't know what that is - sliced ham, cheese, apple, celery, walnuts and pickle. Calories 270

When I looked at the plate I didn't think I was going to be able to eat it all, the apple alone was overwhelming. I was going to save some for an afternoon snack but managed to eat it. It was delicious.

I am not getting hungry except for a twinge after swimming yesterday. I'm not sure about the loss of 3 inches from my belly since yesterday but Dr Mosley does say that the first 3 days any loss is likely to be fluid, so will keep an eye on it. Another aspect is likely to be bowel movements with constipation possible - drinking plenty of water is recommended. I have suffered the opposite BUT I have been on a course of antibiotics for a mild infection that a non-diabetic would dismiss, but diabetics don't heal quite as well. Anyway, that has given me an upset stomach but I take my last doses tomorrow.

The other reason I started this diet is that up until 2 years ago (and that diet) anything I asked my doctor about, eyes, kidneys, neurological issues, he said my b/g was so good I would not have to worry about that for many years. Now I have lost the feeling in both my big toes, so it has started. That frightens me more than having 800 calories a day.

Dinner: Chicken, fennel and lentils - Calories 470

Total Calories for day 830 (an acceptable range)

Felt a bit hungry around 5 pm but I usually snack at 4 pm so my body is probably expecting food. In fact, didn't eat until an hour late as the dinner took longer than I thought - must check recipes beforehand.

Nothing much to say. Feeling fine.

Evening blood glucose 105, so happy with that.

I did the set of exercises but cannot hold the plank for 20 seconds, it hurt my shoulder (old injury) still, they are set to measure improvements in performance so can only get better.
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