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Cruising through March

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I'm leaving for a cruise to Mexico/Catalina island on Monday. It's my first cruise. My plan is to continue to clean eat, and my friend says we are hitting the gym every morning after breakfast. I'm excited to spend my afternoon laying by a pool. I'm trying to decide if I want to take the retro red polka dot bikini or the retro cherry one piece. (Side note-back in the day when I was 300+ pounds, it would have been capri pants by the pool or avoid the pool all together). This month hasn't been great for weight loss, but I've been pretty good about my no sugar resolution. I just went to the doctor last week. I had a sinus infection, and I guess the not feeling great all month was causing some nausea.... It all threw me off with my diet and exercise. Next month will be better. No big deal... It happens... and I think with a week left, I might be able to end March with a slight weight loss for month. This month has been good for getting stuff done. I think I have checked off three full pages of "to-do" list stuff. I've tied up lose ends of things that I've been meaning to do for years.. Like I've finally started the process of replacing my lawn with a drought tolerant garden, and I finally divided up some funds from an old brownie troop account, a troop that I used to co lead like 6 years ago... (But i needed other signatures to write the checks). My kids are both getting braces this month and that's something I had put off a while. My son had mentioned to me last summer that he was concerned that he still looks 12 at 16, so we're finally seeing an endocrinologist. I set up accounts to pay the new mortgage (bought my house off the ex in February) and I just got a new car, so I've had insurance things. Colored my hair, paid my bills, bought groceries... It's been a month to get stuff done. I love how sometimes when you cross one thing off the list, it adds more things to the list.. Like the endocrinologist sent us for three tests, those are now done or scheduled. The garden project, our city will pay up to 2500$ so there are steps. I had to do an online class and I'm in the middle of making my garden design sketch.... I love when you finally take that first step and something that felt so daunting starts to feel manageable. Then you just keep checking the steps off the list.. And when it's done, there is that sense of accomplishment...,sort of like weight loss. Let's go back to the cruise...I mentioned to my pops, who I let move in with me a few years ago, that I was leaving for a cruise on Monday. He made some lame comment like, "cruises cost money.. You want to be poor?"... My ex recently made some comment about the new Mini Cooper. I had some flack thrown at me when I went to Italy last summer by family. I was treated like I was anorexic when my pant size was smaller than other family members (although I weighed more because I had a lot of muscle at the time-I was thin but quite healthy). When I left my slightly emotionally abusive marriage, I got guilted for that. They kept throwing out negative stuff that eluded that I wasn't able to take care of myself. My friend pointed out that I'm getting guilted from all directions, like no one wants to see me happy. I am carrying no credit debt. I pay all my bills. I have enough in my savings to float for a few months, if needed. It's guilt given for no good reason. I decided several years ago that I'm not taking life advice from people who don't seem all that happy themselves. It tends to be the insecure, or unhappy person, who will try to push you down. I'm enjoying my life... And I'm responsible. I'm also responsible for my own happiness. "Can't" is no longer in my vocabulary... I don't listen to the negative voices anymore. One short life, don't waste it. Do what makes you happy. My dude that I'm dating, he talks about how he's going to raise $100,000,000 for his company. He's like half way there. I bet he wasn't raised in a house full of eeyores. He's doing It because he can. He made a really cool product. He's a really cool guy. He's been checking it off at $10mil at a time....lists and positive thinking...,you can do anything.
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    Wow I am sooo impressed by all that you got done in March! You are a machine! Good for you to get all that done, for your family and yourself. You are absolutely right to have some fun. You are still being responsible but why wait? My Dad worked his entire life and although I know he loved his career, he was still working when he died. He always worried about money, my husband does too. I also do, but when everyone in my family either got sick or died (the past 2 years) I decided to retire. I'm lucky that I have a pension but could have waited. But why? we are doing more things too. Don't let others rain on your parade! Hope the cruise is GREAT! And you must feel awesome to be able to choose between two cute swimsuit options!
    emoticon emoticon
    1794 days ago
  • LADY7777
    People project their own fears on others. Good for you for being responsible, getting your list done, and enjoying life, too!
    1797 days ago
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