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Some Thoughts Today

Monday, February 22, 2016

This is me at Christmas around 220 pounds..
Sorry it's not a great full body shot, but this is me at like 205 pounds earlier this month. I think you can tell that I am NOT horribly heavy looking. I could be thinner, but no one is calling me fat.

Today I had a few interesting conversations, and one of them was with my coworker about diet and our weight loss. She is currently on a strict diet because she is gluten intolerant and pre diabetic, so she has restricted all sorts of things... but she says, "I showed you my heavy picture?" I am like "no"... she pulls out this picture of her at 200 pounds... and she looks heavy. I can barely tell that its her. She is shorter than me, but wow. I think, "I'm 200 pounds". My booty is big, but my stomach almost flat. Weight is so weird like that. I dated this guy who talked of his ex losing weight, and he was like, "she was heavy like 150 or 160 when I met her, but then she got down to 100 pounds"... and all I could think is how skinny I looked at 160. Heck, I look pretty decent when I am 170. It's weird how my goal can be someone else's starting point. At 100 pounds, I'd probably be dead. I was pretty darn boney at 158. "Gaunt" was used a few times.
(circa 2011-my goal weight is someone's starting weight)
People, including doctors, said, "I think you're done." Yet the BMI still said I needed to lose more. Hahaha I just don't trust that BMI. I don't think it knows my body. My coworker looked at me oddly today and asked if I had much more I wanted to lose. It seems she views me at being a normal weight. I said, "well, I was in 2's and I liked being in 2's. Now I am like a 10". She said, "but you were REALLY thin". I'd be happy in the 4's or 6's honestly.. hahaha and the wii fit will tell me that I am overweight. Again, for me, I think the BMI doesn't work.

My second interesting conversation of the day was with my son. I've been trying to convince him that since he has some depression issues and ADHD that getting off of sugar may help. Today he counted the grams of sugar that he has eaten. He was proud that it was a lower number than usual. He has researched some vitamins that he wanted to buy... I think he's giving my suggestion some thought. He made me watch Fed Up the other night. He's just been resisting because he knows it will be hard at first. It would be nice to have my whole house eating well.

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