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Heart Health

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today I want to share some heart health tips. These are from Web MD. I was reading them yesterday, looking for blogging material about hearts.

I know I have a heart murmur, but only sometimes. I wonder often if it is the skill of the doctor who is listening to my heart or what. I sorta think that historically, when I am in better physical (aerobic) condition no one says they hear it. And when I haven't been taking care of myself, let things go and been heavier and more out of shape is when doctors say I have one. hmmmm One time in the '90's when I was in really good shape, way lighter than I am now, was doing tons of Jazzercise and was generally more active, I had a nice compliment. I went to a blood drive. The person working there was taking my vitals. When he went to count my pulse he brightened up and said "oh wow, a runner". I said "no, I participate in alot of Jazzercise classes". He said, "you are going to live to be 100".

So I know that my heart health depends on me paying better attention and working my heart through aerobics. (I know, the modern term for that is cardio, same thing).

Well here is the 6 heart health tips. I may or may not, throw in my comments on these.

1. Exercise--see above. from the article: Want ideas? Running. Biking. Rowing. In other words, "most things that end with--ing and that you can keep up for a few minutes," If you're not active now, check in with your doctor first to see if there are any limits on what you can do. I would add to the ing list "Dancing"!

2. Stay active throughout the day. I just now changed my desk up to be a standing desk. I am happy I have that option here. From the article: A workout at the gym is a good start. But what's going on for the rest of your day? Montgomery suggests you take a conference call and answer emails while standing at your desk. You can also swap your regular chair with a balance ball, which keeps your core muscles engaged as you work.

3. Go old school with food. The tried-and-true classics are still your best choices:
Fruits and vegetables
Whole grains, like brown rice and other unrefined carbs
Nuts, seeds, and legumes, such as chickpeas and lima beans
What about meat? You can still have some, but limit how much and avoid fatty cuts.
Don't offset the benefits of these foods by frying them or smothering them in butter or cheese. That will raise your "bad" (LDL) cholesterol that clogs your arteries.

4. Stop smoking everything. Glad I never started!

5. Learn the fine art of chilling out. I have trouble with this one. I think the world winds me up so tight, I have trouble letting down. I am working on it.

6. Shut Down. This means get your sleep! from the article : When you're asleep, your heart rate and blood pressure go down. That gives your heart a much-needed break. Without it, you're stressed and you'll crave fuel from high-calorie foods -- which, let's face it, are not heart-healthy. So make it a priority to be well-rested. You'll be ready to face whatever the day may bring. I myself have good nights of sleep and some restless nights. Mostly good though. I am now using some sleep inducing essential oils, like lavender. Those are helping me. It is so pleasant, if I put a little lavender on my pillow. If I start to wake up in the middle of the night, that pleasant-ness lulls me back to sleep.

These 6 items are all pretty easy to attain . Sometimes I think I don't even know how to relax anymore (item 5). I am working on it. It is usually pretty easy on week ends, but week days and week night evenings can be rough.

Do us folks hovering around age 60 feel like we are just hanging on by our toenails until retirement? I know I am & I know I am not the only one.

Be Well My Friends,
For The Love Of Health!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good information.
    1643 days ago
    Funny . . . I have a murmur too, and same situation! I am now in good shape and nary a peep from it!

    HUGS and thanks for sharing these tips.

    1644 days ago
  • PENNYF29
    Heart health is very important! Thanks for all this info!
    1644 days ago
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