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3 Things I learned lately.

Friday, January 29, 2016

It occurred to me last night that over the past couple weeks I learned 3 important things.

Things that will help me if I just keep them in mind.

First of all, just last night, one of our son's offered to come up and make our supper, if I would help him with making and additional generic resume. One that he can print out and leave with an application at any kind of job. You know, not such a specialized resume, like we have been doing.
He said he was going to make his stuffed chicken thighs. He is the diabetic one, who is doing so well. So I thought "what the hey" this will be low carb and high protein. And it was, but oh my. I got such heartburn. Chicken thighs, stuffed with smoked gouda and wrapped with bacon. I should have known. After they were baked, they were sitting in pools of fat. They were so rich and then I went and ate two of them. I should have ate just one and filled up on the green beans that I steamed. But noooo. So I chewed on a couple of alka mints and later on I had a glass of milk. Then I was feeling better for going to bed. What I learned is--even though I am eating low carb, high protein, I still need to keep that fat down. That was not a healthy fat and I felt miserable afterwards. And it ruined my good week on staying in bounds. Just not worth it.

Secondly I have solidly learned that I just can't start a good day off with oatmeal. I measure out the proper serving of a half cup of old fashioned oatmeal and then I go and doctor it up. Lately I have been adding about a heaped tablespoon of each, craisins,walnuts and then dark chocolate chips. I just have to quit that as a regular practice. That comes up to about 350 calories, over 50 carbs and only 7 protein. Royally messes up my day right away at the beginning. Even oatmeal alone is really high carbs. So I am done with starting my day with that breakfast. Eggs or better yet egg whites, with veggies is so much better. I feel so accomplished when I fill that egg white breakfast in to my Spark Tracker.

And lastly mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms. You can use them so many ways. They are more nutritious than I had thought. They have natural, unfortified, Vitamin D. I don't understand that, since they grow in the dark, but I'll take it.
Because Americans often eat mushrooms and when they do, they tend to eat a healthier diet, these positive benefits of mushrooms can have potential impact.
Over the past year or so I had gotten into the habit of buying the pre-sliced mushrooms. Saves time I thought. Well, over the past few months I have been throwing away a lot of mushrooms, because they would go bad, dark and slimy, before I would get them used up. I even open up the plastic covering on the package before I put them away. I learned somewhere at some time, that mushrooms need to breathe and so you should not leave them sealed up in plastic. I always poke holes in the plastic, but they would still go bad on me, really quickly. I quit buying pre-sliced and I am having good luck with the whole ones. I am also rediscovering the niceness and better taste/texture of the little white button ones over large ones or even the brown portobella ones. The thing about having their package open so they get air, is that they might dehydrate a little bit, but you can still use that. You can't use dark and slimy.

These 3 things I am keeping in mind, as I build my week end.
It is not worth it to eat fatty foods, I need to keep to my egg white based breakfast, use those whole mushrooms and slice them myself.

I have been wanting to buy fresh flowers for the kitchen lately. I just never seem to get that done or I decide at the last minute that I shouldn't spend the money. The mega grocery store sells fresh flowers at 3 big bunches for $9.99. That is a steal. I would love to have some on the weekend. I am going to go there after work on Fridays and get some. When I get them in a vase on our island, I am going to use them as a focus point. I will think about these three things or other things I have learned about myself and food, every time I look at them. I am also going to tell myself that those flowers are there to help me remember, to eat right and exercise, even though it is the week end.

Be Well My Friends,
For The Love Of Health!
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