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'Honest' and 'Abe'

Friday, November 27, 2015

while channel surfing on thursday, i just happened to hit the exact moment obama was getting ready to pardon the turkeys. there he was, standing between his beautiful girls, introducing the birds Honest and Abe, and telling us about their future and all. i'm thinking to myself, i bet he'd rather be doing something else at the moment.

slowly he starts to break down, starts laughing, then says he wonders why he's doing such a thing, why he has been doing this for seven years, and how glad he is that his daughters are giving him support.

living here in europe all these years, i'm aware of the feeling of decorum and solemnity that accompanies nation-wide political events. i'm trying to imagine the presidents, chancellors, kings and queens over here doing the same. or leaders of the middle east, or asia, or south america (well... maybe...). anyone? no?

me, too, i'm chuckling along with obama. but hey. honest, now. is there a place on the planet like this? who else would make a political event out of turkeys? i think such things are exactly what make us something special.

something extraordinary.
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