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Monday, November 23, 2015

What have we been focusing on?

Sometime we concentrate on what is wrong with our body and in our life but we are just making it worse and harder on ourselves. There are always others worse off than you... Or who have less than you. There is always someone in worse condition or in a worse situation, whether physically, materially, emotionally or any other realm. Some are even living on the streets and have lost family and everything.

So what are you focusing on? Is it on the negative.. bad health, or finances? You can see an airplane in the sky and it looks tiny but that is because you are far away from it. When you get close its huge.
Does God look small compared to your problems?
Turn that focus around. Turn that magnifying glass on God and see how big God is.

Magnify his greatness and thank Him. When you get closer to God you will see that He is so much bigger than any problem or situation you are in.

So which will you speak? Complaints or give thanks?

Expressing thankfulness changes your outlook, your attitude, and mood and that is good for your body and soul.

Many physicians and scientist say, our body responds to what we think and what we say. It changes your body either in a good way or negative way. This is not mind over matter but speaking the good things that God says he gives to those who belong to Him ; peace, joy and love. It is saying you are believing, trusting, depending on and agreeing with Him.

He is reaching out to you right now. Go ahead and take His hand.

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