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4 pounds Less than when I got married

Friday, November 06, 2015

Sixteen years ago Jack and I were married and I was 275 pounds and I had lost 20 pounds. Now by finally embracing spark people and using their resources I am down to 271. Here is my story.I am sharing it because I know that my story may be someone's story. If you have ever been to a Self recovery program, be it AA, Ala-non,NA or OA you will see yourself through another's eyes.
I have had a weight issues since I was 13 years old, the Yo Yo was me. I remember being in 8th grade and my mother taking me to a doctor who gave me shots to lose weight. The weight came off and I was size 8. I was trilled and back in the sixties the clothes were awesome. For the next few years I did well, then the weight started to climb up. During those years and most of my adult life our family was in the restaurant business. There was no storage of food and comments. My Beloved Mother passed away when I was 20 and after that it was a mission to stuff feelings. The Yo Yo diets continued, the drinking and eating continued until my own wake up call. Long story short, I also found out though being sober and getting hurt on my job (we sold the restaurant in '87 and I became a Registered Nurse) I was sexually abused by a friend of my father's and a customer in the restaurant when I was about 8 years old. I had a mental block of the incident except for the time I left elementary school with him and his foster children to when I was standing in front of my father with him holding my shoulders telling me never to do that again. I am proud to say and share that I am Sober 20 + years, I do not smoke for 15+ years and now I can say I am on my road to be a Healthy me. For those who know me know I am a fighter, I have beat Cancer twice now and I won't give up now.
I can truly say that it was Spark People who made me do a real reality check on a Healthy life and eating program.
I think I have been on every diet out there & I still have a lifetime membership in Jenny Craig. (I was taken in with the the sales pitch.) I think the people in Weight Watches would recognize my name and the doctors that were in the lose weight by diet pills business Now there is another story.
I will leave you with a story about hat happens when you are 21 and getting read to go on a cruise and the doctor gives you diet pills. Oh sure I lost the weight but when I took the pills I was a cleaning maniac. My poor Dad May He Rest In Peace came home from the restaurant and found the living room furniture piled the kitchen because I washed and waxed the living room floor.
That was when the doctor gave me pills to lose weight and for when I got to high and manic to bring me down. Needless to say my Sicilian dad was not to happy with him and made his presence known.
Don't worry, it was nothing like the Movie Good Fellows. (Wink Wink)
My thanks to all who read this and Never give up, dig deep inside you and you can do it too. I still have a long way to go, but I am going to continue on this journey. Who is with me??
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