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Peer Pessured Lunch Walks

Monday, September 21, 2015

So as I sit here eating my cauliflower for dinner, I'm feeling very excited about some news I got today... Drum roll please.. My coworkers want to start walking during part of our lunch break. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is. This means forced social fitness.. It will help build momentum that will help me move forward. Two years ago, my treatment team all did a daily lunch workout. It really was one coworker and myself that sort peer pressured the others into joining (she was later replaced by someone who did not want to sweat-so sad). It was only 15-20 minutes, but between that, running in the morning and an occasional class or run at night, I was got very tiny. It made us all more accountable with food too... We were partners in health. Healthy coworkers are huge!!! Well, actually they get little, but the power of a group is huge. I've been derailed by the chocolate and doughnut eating coworkers too, but once you get the group on a health kick, they keep you in line. They bring healthier snacks. They want to walk after work. They suggest trampoline aerobics in lieu of happy hour..it's a snowball effect. I'm excited!
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