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It is time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 03, 2015

I cannot remember a time where I was not big. I have been big since a little girl. I do remember all the mean and hurtfully word that other kids would say about me. I wish that there was something like this when I was growing up. I think I have tried every diet out there. I would lost some weight but it would come back plus more. But when I was look online about three years ago I was look for a place to help me lose weight that I would not have to spend a lot of money and found Spark People and started track my food. But at that point I did not put everything into. Then in April 2015 one of my friends become a health coach with Take Shape For Life and I started working with her on the program and still doing that program along with the Spark program and they are both working for me. I think I was at a point in my life that when I look at loosing weight God was with me and showed me the way. I have lost 60+ lbs as of today and still working to lose 50 more pound. I have come to realize that I will have hanging skin because of my age. I will have to live with it or start putting money back and save to have it removed. I will have to add more activity to my work at that will help with it, but I know that it will not take care of all of it. I love the way I feel and when I do have those weeks that I gain lbs and step back and look at what I ate and change it for the better and I will lose what I gained plus more. I will not let it get me down because we are not prefect only God and his son Jesus is.

I realize that if I wanted to see my kids meet all there goals in life I needed to get healthy. I do not say it is a diet any longer that is one think I learned. Because it is not a diet it is a life change or healthy living. That is how I look at it. Because I do not like the word diet and the way it made me feel when I was on it because it was like taking something from. When I getting to wanting something to eat I will eat a little so that I will not eat a lot of. I have learned that it is the size that you eating so I just cut back on my service sizes when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have learned to eat health snacks also. I am hoping that my kids will see the change in me and want to feel the same way and be health also. I found out that I have to show them the positive side of getting healthy. I also have to show that veggies are good for you and they will fill you up also and that having a lot of junk food is not good for their health. They is still work in progress.

I think if everyone in the USA would show healthy eating and reach their hand out to a child that is over weight we could in prove the life of everyone. But there has to be more people out that want to help that child and not stand on the side line. We need to step in and tell other kids as will as adult not to make fun of them, because they are part of the problem. There should be more help in the schools for child to go to and learn and just not being told about. I think if they learned about they can see it better. So we need to have a group for them to join with other kids so that they could talk to each other. It brings in the adult to start the group and be there to answer things that come in the talks. Because it is so hard to grow being over weight and other kids that are not thinks and telling them it is easy to loss that weight. Because we all know that is not true. If more of us that have lost weigh at the age we are at know about the skin and if we could help just one child and let know that they might not have worry about their skin at a age as we do they just might look at it different also. And we would also help them save their life and live longer with out health issues. So I am looking into that in my area that I live it also.

I got tried of seeing numbers on the scale and it was in April 2015 that something clicked and I lost weight. Something inside me told me this is the time Ella to get health. Time to show your kids how strong you are. Time let the numbers go down and not up. Time to learn when the numbers go you know what to do to make them go down. Time to start eating healthy and feel good about yourself. It was just time.

Hope when you read this you will see just like I did that it is time to get healthy. God bless and have a great day.
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