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I'm back - I think :)

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Oh, my what a crazy couple of years it's been. I think my last post about anything was two years ago. That's not good. So to catch everyone up, I thought I'd post an update.

2012 - At the end of 2012 I lost the job I had for 6 years because the owner sold the payroll portions of the business. So for the last part of 2012 I was frantically job searching and found a job I thought was my dream job. Then finished out the year frantically trying to learn the hardest job I ever had while keeping up with all my usual, teaching a bible study class and keeping up with the house.

2013 - Was still frantically trying to learn my new job. I quite teaching the bible study class, started struggling with depression and anxiety again and started seeing a counselor again. In the mist of all that was my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and we took a whole family vacation - that's where my weight really started to get to me. I started getting afraid to get on the scale after I hit about 310lb and I think / guess I got as high as 323lb.

2014 - Has been the craziest year by far. In May my husband was contacted by Google (yes THE Google we all know and love) and asked to apply for a job with them. At the end of May we went on another vacation. In June my husband flew out to have an in person interview in California and I had corrective eye surgery.

But July started a whole new life for us. In July my husband broke his hip and fell in the back yard. It turned out to be an extremely rare form of cancer. (I'll blog about that in more detail later.) By the end of August I was beginning to have a nervous breakdown and quit my job after they were unwilling to understand the amount of stress I was under. I was able to take off the last few weeks of my husbands recovery time and spend some great quality time with him. Our first set of scans showed two more spots of concern that they can't biopsy and can only watch. Our last set of scans were in December and showed no change. So they are moving our scans from every three months to every 6 months. Our next set come up in a couple weeks.

But since then I have a part-time job that is much healthier for me and we have re-vamped our whole life. The cancer dr. told us that his best defense against the cancer was a healthy diet and exercise. He took it to heart and has developed a great exercise routine, learned to manage his work stress better and has learned to balance work and play better too. In fact I'm having a hard time keeping up with him at times.

For me, it's impossible to live with someone without having them effect you and I think that maybe all I needed was a partner in my journey. Since all this, I've lost 62lb and am almost as healthy as I was when I was 19.

2015 - Has been busier than ever, but in a good way this time. And I think I'm ready to start getting back to my Spark Friends - cuz I miss you.
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