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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Today was one of those very interesting ones wherein I visited an Insectary Laboratory.....testing some of our product for efficacy and more importantly NO harm to bees. We know we won't harm them but we need to conduct the test for the records and so I developed the protocol, and off we went to the appropriate facility.....arriving at this hidden location, I found myself gazing at vats of mosquitos, bed bugs of every kind, a wide variety of cockroaches, ear wigs, weevils, snakes, crawly things, creepy things and flying things, all of which was fascinating, giving rise to many questions on my part as Entomology was not a subject I studied at great length......I mean ....'How do you feed the sweet little bed bugs?" emoticon ...however, as with all endeavors, there is that ONE moment where science and curiosity stops and my humanness kicks in.....my moment of OMG was when I held a dish (SAFELY I MIGHT ADD) containing Brown Recluse spiders.....they are so small and so dangerous and one bite can do so much harm.....Yikes, left me in some level of angst with a few squeaks and shivers after I safely placed them back on their shelf........wandering outside where we were conducting our test, I met some sweet donkey's, goats and sheep along with half a dozen feral cats who were happy to walk along the path with me....all in all a lovely day in the countryside where the insectary work is conducted in a nondescript hideaway.....getting out into the sunshine, talking with scientists, doing some experiments helped take me out of myself and I certainly was much happier today....purpose does help ....Hugs..
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  • FITJEN48
    Part of me said, "this is so cool." The other part went "oh my goodness, no!" So glad there are people like you out there braving the bugs for the rest of us.
    2232 days ago
    @Brooklyn_Born.....I can relate to your story....when I first moved to Colorado, I fell in love with everything about the State including the lack of 'bugs'....the dry, high plains dessert climate rarely saw bugs, mosquitoes etc....in fact my back deck from May-October was my sanctuary...I set it up with white wicker couches, chairs, a chiminea, a copper fire pit, candles, cushions, music and a large water fountain ....I luuuuved being outside and to be honest as I worked from home 3 days a week, pretty well lived out there...I had a lovely bakers rack that housed my tea kettle, tea bags etc....even when the temperatures were in the 90F (not sweaty like the south but hot nonetheless), I used by big fans to keep cool....to the right of the back deck was a wood pile full of chopped wood for the winter fire place..... life on Lookout Mountain, Colorado was a joy in every way for me.....I continue to feel and remember Colorado is this way......that being said....ONE day, my sensitivity was jerked alive....my daughter screamed loudly in the family room as there was a spider on the wall.....being 16 at that time and might I say a developing Drama Queen, I waltzed slowly into the room to assist in removing said spider.....I was suitably shocked when a rather large black shiny affair was posted in the middle of the wall looking a might intimating to put it mildly....I grabbed a large water glass and put it over the spider along with a saucer on top of the glass so he couldn't escape to return him to the outdoors.....as he fell over and I quickly put the saucer on the top of the glass I saw to my horror his underbelly...YUP...you got it...he was a Black Widow and it scared the heck out of me....I yelled at Ariel to get out of the way and NOT follow me....open the verandah door, let me out, close it and stay put....she obeyed in the fashion that most kids do when their parents tone in voice changes to DO OR DIE tone....I took the man out to the back of the garden and threw him and the glass as far as could down the ravine....I did not go back for the glass......I was suitably horrified.....I did some research, asked my native Coloradan neighbors who all suggested that wood pile be moved away from the house as they like to live there and to put containers open, against the basement walls in the house so as to catch any other widows living there....my friends helped move the wood pile (we were all wearing gloves and boots just in case) and I took all the necessary steps to ensure no more were living in the house....I can relate to your angst about Brown Recluse...there are some things in nature no matter how much I love her and protect her, I cannot LIVE WITH....Hugs
    2232 days ago
    Hi Hannah...we are primarily an antimicrobial used for surface disinfection with what we call persistence or longer term residual....very kewl product....the less concentrated version is highly effective on molds that cause photosynthesis challenges that occur on plants like bananas, plantains, mangoes etc. Given the desperate need for food and maximizing crop product in 3rd world countries our product will help enormously and field testing has proven we completely eradicate conditions likes black sigatoka....What was important when spraying the leaves using electrostatic sprayers is that we not impact the insect population, more specifically bees.....we are completely harmless to them and do not impede them in any way nor do we kill any other critters...our product is specific to molds, mildews, fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.....
    2232 days ago
    What is your product? Does it harm any of the other insects there?
    2232 days ago
    2232 days ago
    Gosh that sounds like a cool place to visit!
    I'm glad that you got something out of your visit to the lab, outside of your original target. emoticon
    2232 days ago
    When we retired to rural VA, we discovered those brown recluse spiders. This is the first time in my life I've had the "bug man" come to our house every month to treat the ground around the foundation of the house. I don't want anything done inside, just keep those nasty things from coming in to live with me.
    2232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14291083
    It certainly is one original way to perk oneself up - bugs! Oh my! emoticon

    I'm so glad things went better today! emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Just READING the list of insects gave me a very uncomfortable feeling.

    At the Science Center there is an aquarium full of large silver-winged roaches. Beauty is in the mind of the beholder, and the staff would pick them up but I would never. They were fascinating, though.

    I'm glad to know your product is safe for bees.
    2232 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2232 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Sounds like a great day of discovery.
    2233 days ago
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